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What is the National Animal of Ukraine? Interesting Facts

A lot has been happening in Ukraine. The Russian troops are everywhere in the country. The government and citizens are not budging an inch to protect their motherland. Even the newly elected President, who was once a comedian, proved his love for the country by standing amongst the Ukrainian army to defend it.

Ukraine is the second-largest country by landmass in the whole of Europe. It won its independence from the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. The country shares its border with Russia in the east, Belarus in the north, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary in the west, and Romania and Moldova in the south. The geographical area of Ukraine is also known as the Eastern European plain.

The country is also rich in its geography and wildlife, featuring a combination of wetlands, mixed forests, and steppers. As a kind of ecological crossroads, the country comprises a mix of European and steppe wildlife.

What is the National Animal of Ukraine?

The national animal of Ukraine is not some gigantic animal but a common nightingale. Yes, you heard it right. Common nightingale constitutes an essential element in Ukrainian folklore as a harbinger of spring and a voice of sweet, happy sounds.

The locals here celebrate the spring season singing tales about the nightingale.

Interesting Facts about Nightingale

Nightingale, also referred to as night songstress, is a songbird belonging to the group of birds known as chats. It can be found in the dense thickets, forests, and parks of Asia and Europe. It is believed that nightingale was frequently collected from the wild and sold as caged bird in the past. Fortunately, the practice is not famous anymore, and the nightingale is a free bird today.

Here are some interesting facts about nightingale that will fascinate you.

  • This beautiful bird can reach 5.9 to 6.5 inches in length. A female nightingale is smaller than its male counterpart.
  • Nightingale is a brown-colored bird that has a reddish tail. It also has a whitish-grey streak on the bottom part of the body. You will barely notice any difference between the appearance of the male and female, except their size. The bird has a pointed bill, a small, upright positioned body. The legs of a nightingale are long.
  • This bird is an omnivore. It is found preying on seeds, fruits, and tiny insects.
  • A nightingale is a secretive bird. You will not find many birds in industrial or residential areas. It is because it likes living in the wild.
  • Just like the other animals and birds, the nightingale, too, has natural enemies. The list includes fox, rat, cat, lizard, snake, and large predatory birds.
  • Nightingale is a migratory bird. Although a national animal of Ukraine, the legends suggest that it flew from India to Ukraine. 
  • The bird spends winter in dry savannas of sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Outside of its breeding season, a nightingale often likes remaining in solitude.
  • Nightingales are best-known for the melodious romantic chirping they do during day and night. According to a scientific study, a nightingale can sing complex and diverse melodies in 200 different phrases.

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