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101 First Date Ideas that are Literally Romantic

We know how weird this year has been for all of us, friend! Trust me, we got you!

The pandemic has gotten us from the neck and dating again feels like a bizarre thought if you ask me. We all can relate to growing stronger ”emotionally” and not feeling the need to even start a conversation, ever again.

101 First Date Ideas

So, if you have landed here looking to have some cute dating ideas, we have 101 first-date ideas.

Trust me, all of this will work wonders especially if last year was a terrible one for you.

Let’s just get started already, shall we?

101 Romantic First Date Ideas

First dates are always fun and hey, we have them sorted. Choose one or make a list and that’s it, you are good to go.

  1. Use your ‘Hands’ to feed each other and keep the blindfolds on
  2. Together, take turns to read a book
  3. A Wine tasting activity sounds delicious
  4. Cook Together
  5. Donate Blood
  6. Create a ”Movie” together.
  7. Go all the way to roller-skate
  8. A ”Hiking” Date is a good idea
  9. Both of you can get Covid shots
  10. Go on a long drive that takes you nowhere
  11. Play ”Video” Games
  12. Spa-Time
  13. Star Wars movies, one after another
  14. Tiktoks are fun, make ’em together.
  15. Take each other out on Dinner and order each other’s favorite food
  16. Chop down each other’s hair
  17. A makeover to your old furniture
  18. Plan your workout regime
  19. Play ”Among Us” with one another
  20. Make cute candles that smell beautiful
  21. Go for a long walk
  22. Be a part of a virtual cooking class.
  23. Make fancams together? 
  24. Try a shot at painting
  25. The old school, write romantic letters
  26. Karaoke night
  27. Annoy each other with Prank Calls
  28. Get Marries, for fun, like a rehearsal
  29. Make Pasta and Throw Pasta at each other
  30. Wikipedia spirals
  31. Adopt a pet
  32. Dye each other’s curls
  33. Spend some quality time just talking to each other
  34. Plan Future Dates
  35. Go to the bar and get super-drunk 

    101 First Date Ideas

  36. Sign up for Boxing Class
  37. Sign up for the Gym
  38. Pedicure and Manicure, together
  39. Book a Car and visit a random location
  40. Get yourself to crash a party
  41. Dinner Date for one another
  42. Play Hide ‘n Seek
  43. Play Private games like ”Never Have I Ever”
  44. Binge on your favorite Netflix shows
  45. Just Cuddle
  46. Hold hands and talk to each other
  47. A Jacuzzi Date, maybe?
  48. A candlelight dinner, at home
  49. Go grocery shopping
  50. Stargaze
  51. Create a tent and spent a night inside
  52. Look at each other’s childhood pictures
  53. Buy furniture from IKEA
  54. Do some DIY
  55. Travel to the Zoo
  56. Talk about each other’s likes and dislikes
  57. Umm, try to volunteer for a good cause
  58. Attend personality quizzes
  59. Early morning Yoga
  60. Travel together to nearby places
  61. Watch each other’s hatest movies
  62. Create playlists for one another
  63. Dedicate a song to each other and SING it
  64. Skateboarding could be epic
  65. Go try some Water Sports
  66. Coloring books and color
  67. Call your friends over and host a dinner party
  68. Visit a Museum
  69. Dinner and a Movie
  70. Go Picking for Berries


  71. A picnic date
  72. Go to a ballet
  73. Buy plants and create a garden from scratch
  74. A Coffee Date to the rescue
  75. Go for a walk on the beach
  76. Try Opera together for the first time
  77. Sit in a Park, Lie down in the grass
  78. A Water park could be an interesting pick
  79. Brunch Dates
  80. Spooky Nights, Pay a visit to a ”Haunted” Market
  81. Jump to a CLUB and stay there for the night!
  82. Tour to a brewery
  83. Knock to a Bookstore and finish reading a book
  84. Recreate each other’s favorite recipes
  85. A WALK to the Botanical Garden
  86. Puzzles together
  87. A Night Concert
  88. Kayaking
  89. A walk down the memory lane, visit each other’s college
  90. Rock Climbing 
  91. A dinner Cruise could be a romantic first date idea 
  92. Make a pizza from scratch
  93. Scuba Diving or snorkeling
  94. Watch Dolphins swimming together101 First Date Ideas
  95. Try a different cuisine
  96. Shop for Holiday’s together 
  97. Compete to bag the highest score on an arcade date
  98. Do things that you have never tried before
  99. See fireworks 
  100. Watch a beautiful Sunset!
  101. Visit a Dog Park

We have offered the best of the best ideas and you know what? Try them out slow and steady in a way that gets interesting and keeps the romance alive.

C’mon your partner deserves the best after all, don’t you agree?

Arpita Roy
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