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Richard Madden Relationship Status: Is He Married or Dating?

Richard Madden is a Scottish actor who made his name in the industry by portraying major characters in blockbuster movies and TV offerings. He gained much recognition for his role as Robb Stark in Game of Thrones and in other films like Cinderella and Rocketman.

Many of Richard Madden’s fans are eager to know if their favorite actor is married or not?

Well, we will try to help you out with that in our article today! Read on.

Wondering if Richard Madden is Married Or Dating? Here is the Answer

In 2018, Richard was honored with an outstanding actor award for his titular character in BBC’s series Bodyguard. Many of his fans come up frequently with the question “Is Richard Madden Gay?” after his role in Rocketman.

In the Rocketman movie, he portrayed the role of a gay describing a bisexual persona.

There were a number of reviews from users that Richard is in a relationship with actor Brandon Flynn when they were noticed together in Los Angeles. A few fans say that the star is bisexual.

Richard said when he requested for this role, “It’s a rather horrible way when we begin limiting people’s casting primarily based on their non-public lives. We want to maintain variety and make positive all people are described. Hence, I additionally accept as accurate within casting the first-rate actor for the role.”

A few months later in November, there were rumors floating around that the couple broke up this year.

According to a source, “Brandon made it clear that he doesn’t desire to meet Richard due to the fact he has requested the Versace group now not to invite him to a birthday celebration they are having at the beginning of December.”

Richard wants to keep these matters private as he refused to discuss them whenever he was asked about his s*xuality.

Richard Madden and his Dating Life

Richard’s relationship initially began with English actress “Jenna Coleman,” when he was shooting for the Game of Thrones movie.

In his favorite series, “Doctors Who,” Jenna was chosen for a position in the series in an additional role. They were true to each other professionally however their relationship did not last long and it ended in 2015. A few months later in the same year, the duo was spotted together in London, however, they failed to cover up soon.

In 2016, Richard Madden was spotted with Irish TV presenter Laura Whitmore. Their relationship didn’t last long and in a few months, they obtained a breakup.

Next year in 2017 speculation was that Richard is dating English actress, Eleanor Elizabeth Bamber when they were seen kissing in Ibiza.

Sometime back there were unconfirmed reports that he is in a relationship with Teen Wolf star Froy Gutierrez as the couple quarantined together in 2020.

The latest rumor on social media is that Richard Madden and his “Eternals” co-star Gemma Chan are in a relationship as they know each other for more than 10 years and they are very good friends.

Eternals movie was released recently on Friday, November 5, 2021.

Is Richard Madden Dating anyone in 2021?

It is not certain if Richard Madden is currently dating anyone now. According to him, he doesn’t like to discuss his personal life in the public domain.

What is your take on this topic? Feel free to share with us in our comments section!

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  1. The gossip about Brandon Flynn and Versace is a lie, Brandon has never been to any Versace birthday party.
    And Richard has been living together with another actor for over a year.


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