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Pokimane: What Makes The Twitch Streamer So Popular?

Imane Anys popularly known in the online world as “Pokimane” is a Moroccan-Canadian Internet personality and one of the most popular streamers in the world.

She is a top female streamer on Twitch, a video game live streaming platform with more than 7.5 million followers. She has an average concurrent viewership of more than 18,000 per stream.

Let us get into more details about Pokimane and why is she so popular in the world of streaming!

Why is Pokimane, the Twitch Streamer so Popular?

Pokimane has been in midst of controversies and drama during the course of her streaming career even though her broadcasts are mostly positive and bubbly.

Pokimane and her early life

Pokimane was born in the year 1996 in Morocco. She is 25 years old now. Her parents relocated to Canada after her birth. Pokimane has one sibling.

Pokimane completed her schooling in 2005 and completed her graduation in chemical engineering from the University of McMaster in Hamilton.

Here is when Pokimane got into Streaming

Pokimane began streaming 8 years back in 2013. Instantly she became immensely popular on Twitch and featured in the top 100 most-viewed streamers. After five years of her debut, she won Best Streamer of the Year at The Shorty Awards in the year 2018.

Streaming on Twitch

Pokimane streams all sorts of games along with the chatting section of Twitch. She is presently playing a lot of valorant games however she is known mainly for playing Fortnite and League of Legends.

Even though she is not playing League of Legends game these days it is still her top-most streamed game on Twitch. She spent more than 1,200 streaming hours on the popular MOBA.

How good is Pokimane at Valorant?

Pokimane has played a lot of ranked valorant games and she holds a diamond ranking as of now. Sometime back a video of her went viral on social media platforms where she was seen getting scared in Valorant and screaming loudly.

This made some users feel that Pokimane is not that great at the game and while playing games she might get assistance from her teammates. Pokimane was offended by these types of comments and responded to each user on the microblogging social media platform, Twitter.

Is Pokimane part of OfflineTV?

Along with other content creators like Jeremy “DisguisedToast” Wang, William “Scarra” Li, Lily “LilyPichu” Ki, and Michael Reeves, Pokimane is also part of the OfflineTV group of content creators.

In spite of being part of the group, she decided to leave the OffliveTV house.

Is Pokimane dating anyone?

It was rumored that Pokimane is dating Fedmyster. Cameron “Fitz” McKay, a famous YouTuber and gamer made fun of her and people started harassing her that she is dating Fitz. Fitz apologized to her later for making the joke that led to online sexual harassment.

She tweeted, “I’ve received an insane amount of disgusting/sexual comments and speculation because of a joke Fitz made (which he later apologized for). we never dated, but even if we did, NO ONE deserves to be sent this.”

Below is the tweet posted by her:

Even though Pokimane has stated earlier that she prefers to keep her personal life private fans keep speculating if she has a boyfriend or not. While several users accuse her of pretending to be single so that she can get desperate men into donating to her.

Pokimane has denied all these allegations and said that she is single and not looking for any change in her status any time soon.

Pokimane’s earnings from Twitch and her Net Worth

It is estimated that Pokimane holds a net worth anywhere between $1 to $2 million. The major source of her income is from Twitch donations, sponsorships, ad revenue, and subscriptions.

The exact amount she makes on Twitch is not known however it is clear that she makes a good deal of money. She has disclosed that she rejected a sponsorship worth $3 million.

Rumors about Pokimane getting $80 million in donations

There was news circulating on social media that she is getting $80 million in donations. Pokimane has denied saying it was definitely fake.

Why did Pokimane take a break from Twitch?

Pokimane was not active on Twitch for a few months last year in 2020. The streamer revealed that she is feeling burnout. Pokimane elucidated that it is the first time in the last six years in her streaming career she is taking a break as she is feeling demotivated. She really misses her family, attending conventions, and other things like traveling, meeting with fans in person.

When she was away from Twitch, Pokimane has decided to compile a video to address issues between her and other YouTubers. However, as per her plan, she was away from Twitch for 40 days. When she made come back Pokimane got a warm welcome.

On her first day of streaming, she got 1,519 new subscriptions on September 11, 2020. There were more than 36,000 concurrent viewers at its peak according to Twitch Tracker.

Has Pokimane ever received any warning from Twitch?

Pokimane was taken to task by Twitch when she displayed a pornographic pop-up accidentally while she was streaming live. Pokimane received a warning email from Twitch.

However many users hailing from the streaming community expressed angst that just a warning is not enough as many men received bans ranging anywhere between 3 to 30 days for accidentally showing sexually explicit content.

Does Pokimane always wear makeup before streaming?

Three years back in 2018, Pokimane revealed to her fans about her makeup routine in an early morning stream. After her stream, she was trolled online with a lot of negativity with insults about her original appearance. Many users commented that without makeup she looks ugly or old.

She later shared pics of her without makeup and said, “I’m at peace with myself, my body, and my imperfections. And I wish the same someday for anyone who feels the need to hate on someone else for such shallow reasons.”

Well, this is all that we know about the Moroccan-born video game streamer Imane Anys, now popular as the famous Twitch streamer, Pokimane. Hope you liked our article. Share your thoughts, if any!

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