Lohri is a Punjabi festival celebrated during the winter season. This year it lands on January 13. The holiday, celebrated mostly by Sikhs and Hindus in Punjab, marks the end of the winter solstice and welcomes the longer days that are to come. Lohri is celebrated the night before Makar Sankranti, traditionally with a bonfire, lots of singing, and socializing with family and the community.

Over the years, Lohri has gone from a little known holiday to a glamorized Bollywood style festival complete with exciting music, endless dancing, and of course, designer outfits. With hit films like “Veer-Zaara” giving us Lohri goals, we wanted to help you with the perfect look for the festival this year. Makeup bloggers have been inspired to create Punjabi-inspired looks for Lohri. To stay true to the origin of this festival, many of them have even recorded their tutorials in full on Punjabi when they normally do it in English!

Take a look at these gorgeous Lohri inspired looks:

1. Parveen

Canadian makeup blogger Parveen creates tutorials in English and in her mother tongue, Punjabi. In honor of Lohri, she released another all Punjabi makeup tutorial with a glowing look for the festival. She used shades of browns and copper tones to build up the crease for a dramatic look. Her Stila glitter eyeshadoww seriously sparkles!

2. Face The Glam By Kavya

Kavya is an India-based beauty blogger who normally creates tutorials in English but for the holiday, she went back to her Punjabi roots to create a traditional Lohri look tutorial. What makes her tutorial different is that she explains how traditionally Punjabi girls dress and do their make up. For example, Punjabi girls normally have thicker eyebrows and use lots of kajal. 


Besides her traditional look, Kavya also released a modern Lohri look that is full of pink glam and sparkles!


3. Mamta Dosanjh

Like Kavya, Dosanjh is another blogger who normally creates videos in English, but for Lohri, she spoke in Punjabi. Dosanjh’s look is simple, clean and fresh. For her eyes, she creates a subtle look with a hint of orange and brown using a straight edge for sharp lines. There are also adorable cameos by her daughter.

4. Wise She Makeup

Makeup loving mom Anamika brings us a new look for Lohri that’s all about sparkle. She applies layers of copper and gold for her eyes which matches her yellow outfit. Anamika also packs on the glitter filled blush, bronzer, and highlight for that extreme glow.

5. Gurp Dhaliwal

Dhaliwal gives us an absolutely stunning look for Lohri that is both modern and traditional. She uses a smokey look that is different than just the glitter looks that we’ve seen on the list.

6. Sedoso Beauty

Beauty blogger Silky brings us a complete look for the occasion, down to how to braid your paranda extension in for Lohri. It’s simple, natural and subtle.

7. Deepika Makeup

Deepika brings us a super glam look for that can be used for Lohri or Makar Sankranti. She uses a ton of highlight and gold glitter to literally just glow. She blends in layers of purple for the eyes for added drama, and surprisingly, it looks like it would match an outfit of any shade.