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Mrs. Poindexter: The Story of a Sacramento ‘Hot Mom’ Crystal Jackson

People have found their ways of earning thousands of dollars in just a few weeks on adult sites. What comes as a stigma for some, comes as a reasonable way to earn a living for others. Makes me remember the saying, “To each their own”.

Crystal Jackson who goes by the name of Tiffany Pondexter earns more than $190k a month through her OnlyFans account. She is known to post sizzling pictures of her body and people love to watch it.

About Crystal Jackson

Crystal Jackson is a 44-year-old Sacramento-area woman who is a computer engineer and chemist. But, she enjoys her OnlyFan page time. She is married to Chris Jackson who openly encourages his wife to post adult content.

The couple started capturing erotic videos and photos to spice up their marriage. Later, she started earning more than $190k a month from her sexy pictures and is often termed as the “Hot Mom”.

The couple, however, faced a backlash from society and they has to move. She rose to Internet fame after her three children were kicked out of a catholic school because of their mother’s nude and semi-nude pictures on MyFans page.

Crystal even had to undergo a hate procession by other women in her neighbourhood who were jealous as their husbands started checking out her erotic pictures on this site. Her home got vandalised and she started receiving threatening calls.

What is OnlyFans

Phew, men need no introduction to OnlyFans. Those who don’t know about OnlyFans, let me help you with the details. OnlyFans is a paid online platform created in 2016. People usually visit the platform for adult content but some users also post their recipes and fitness regimes.

Crystal Jackson, however, limits her account to adult content. The consequences of posting such revealing pictures haven’t been smooth for her. In 2021, Crystal’s children got expelled from school because of what she does.

Mrs. Poindexter’s career ladder

In one year, Crystal who goes by the name of Tiffany Poindexter had more than a million fans in just one year. She revealed that her business is booming. And why not? Selling your body to others isn’t a very big deal.

Crystal Jackson has turned from a regular Hot Mom to an adult star in just a few months. She can pull around $25,000k-$30,000k through subscriptions. The couple has even witnessed a whopping income of $600,000 a month. All thanks to Crystal’s husband Jackson, who likes to put his hot wife on display.

Tiffany’s husband Chris revealed, “She became one of the largest models on the largest creator platform in the world. They’re now sharing their platform savvy, for free, with new or struggling OnlyFans creators.”

It appears like content creators have started approaching her for guidebooks and advice. Crystal says that she doesn’t regret her decision and likes to do what she does best. Phew, seems like she isn’t interested in pursuing her engineering career anymore.

Bottom Line

Crystal Jackson is still living her Mrs. Poindexter life. Now, she even collaborates with her other AdultFans companions. Seems like she has found an easy way to earn thousands of dollars. She and her husband are happily married and living an open life. What do you think about her choice?

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