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Miraitowa Facts: Official Mascot of Tokyo Olympics

The much-awaited Olympic Games 2021 are all set to kick off in Tokyo, Japan from July 23 and will be continued till August 8. With one of the greatest sports events on the cards, all the athletes are gearing up to participate in the Olympic Games which were postponed last year owing to the Covid pandemic. You might have heard of mascots which are usually found in almost all big global tournaments. So, how can the Olympics be an exception which is a major international multi-sport event!

Miraitowa – Official Mascot of the Tokyo Olympics


Know what are Mascots:

Mascots are colorful graphic representations used as a marketing tool for the Olympic Games so that they attract more audiences, the younger generation in particular. Additionally, mascots also help in generating more revenue which aids in financing the Olympic Games via Licensing and Merchandising. Mascots also help in promoting the cultural heritage of the country hosting the Olympic Games. Although the mascots’ idea cropped up in 1968 at the Grenoble Winter Olympics, the official introduction of the mascots took place in the year 1972 at Munich Summer Olympics.

Miraitowa is the 26th official Mascot of the 2020 Summer Olympics going to be held in Tokyo, Japan, in July and August 2021 respectively.

Interesting Facts About Miraitowa Mascot

There are a few facts related to the Miraitowa, the official mascot of the upcoming Summer Games.

Miraitowa is a figure with blue-checkered patterns inspired by the official logo of the Olympic Games. It is intended to symbolize “both old tradition and new innovation”. The checkered pattern of the Miraitowa reflects the Japanese culture and society as checkered patterns are quite famous in Japan.

Miraitowa’s name is formed by combining two Japanese words “future” (Mirai) and “eternity” (towa). The name takes its inspiration from a traditional Japanese proverb, “learn from the past and develop new ideas.” As per the Tokyo 2020 organizers, the name “was chosen to promote a future full of eternal hope in the hearts of people all over the world”.

Artist Ryo Taniguchi created the Miraitowa mascot which was selected from among 2,042 designs submitted for final approval. Over 75% of Japanese elementary schools gave their vote for Miraitowa as their favorite mascot design. The Tokyo Organising Committee announced the winner on February 28, 2018, without the names. Later they made their formal debut at a press event on 22 July 2018 with names Miraitowa and Someity.  Someity is the Paralympic mascot of the Olympic Games. The Japanese media nicknamed Taniguchi as ‘Uncle Cinderella’.

As per the Olympics site, Miraitowa lives in the digital world, however, it can be seen in the real world through digital media. Miraitowa is capable of teleporting instantly anywhere using the internet.

Miraitowa made its first public appearance at the Tokyo Midtown Hibiya in the middle of modern Tokyo along with Someity. And then owing to its special teleporting powers, it instantly traveled to Asakusa in Old Tokyo and met its new fans there.

This is what we have in store regarding Miraitowa, the official mascot of the Tokyo Olympics 2021.

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