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Jeff Bezos Net Worth and His Sources of Income

Jeffrey Preston Bezos popular as Jeff Bezos is an American entrepreneur, investor, and computer engineer. He is the founder and executive chairman of American multinational tech company Amazon Inc.

Bezos is the world’s second-richest person and also one of the famous personalities in 2021. Bezos’ estimated net worth is more than $205 billion as per Forbes Magazine.

Bezos’s company Amazon which started as an online bookstore in 1993 in his garage in Seattle is now the world’s second-largest company with a market cap of 1.7 trillion dollars. He earlier served as president and CEO of Amazon.

Below are more details about his sources of income and investments. Read on!

Jeff Bezos Net Worth: Various sources of Income

Bezos, earlier this year in July, stepped down from the post of chief executive officer (CEO) of Amazon after being associated with the company for almost 27 years to hand over responsibilities to Andy Jassy so that he can devote more time to his space exploration company Blue Origin.

Bezos is now executive chairman of Amazon. Bezos said that he was selling $1 billion worth of Amazon stock each year in recent times to finance rocket company, Blue Origin.

He was in the news a few months back for successfully completing his maiden space voyage for 11 minutes. This trip was the first mission that involved humans by Blue Origin and it was a sheer coincidence that it also happened to be the 52nd anniversary of the first moon landing.

Bezos is the second billionaire to travel to space. Bezos founded Blue Origin in the year 2000 with the aim to build floating space colonies with artificial gravity so that people can live and work there.

Blue Origin, which is based in Kent, Washington with an employee base of 3,500 also builds rocker engines that are used during satellite launches.

Jeff Bezos owns 55 million shares of Amazon that roughly translates to a 12% stake in the company according to the recent SEC filing by the company.

At one point in time he owned 80 million shares of Amazon but as part of his divorce settlement with MacKenzie Bezos in 2019, he transferred 19.7 million shares to his ex-wife. He and his wife MacKenzie filed for divorce in 2019 after 25 years of their marriage.

At the prevailing market price of Amazon at the time of settlement, the value of the shares was approximately $36 billion. The settlement has reduced Jeff’s net worth from $150 billion to $114 billion temporarily.

Jeff also invested very early in search engine giant Google and still owns shares in Alphabet (Parent company of Google) worth at least $1 billion as of today.

Last year in April 2020, Bezos said that he would give $100 million to a non-profit organization, Feed America which operates food banks and food pantries across the country. During the coronavirus pandemic, Amazon was criticized by the general public and U.S. senators for its treatment of Amazon’s warehouse workers.

Jeff Bezos Investments into Real Estate

Bezos owns many real estate properties in the US. Last year in 2020, he purchased two properties for $255 million in Beverly Hills.

He bought a $12.9 million mansion in Beverly Hills in July 2018 and another mansion for $24.5 million right next door to Beverly Hills’ home.

By any chance, if you have purchased amazon shares worth $10,000 in October 2001, it is now worth a whopping $15 million excluding dividends.

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