Actress Jameela Jamil is making moves as a social vigilante with her powerful “I Weigh” movement, which focuses on valuing women on their accomplishments and not their weight.

She is covering the sensitive topics of sex and consent on her new BBC Radio 4 documentary “The New Age of Consent.” Now, her latest interview on Channel 4’s “Ways to Change the World” podcast, Jamil has solidified her spot as the hero all young girls so desperately need today.

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Speaking to the show’s host Krishnan Guru-Murthy, the South Asian-British actress expressed her thoughts on the lack of diversity in British media, her struggle with eating disorders, the #MeToo movement, the negative effects of social media on young children, pornography, and so much more.

Jamil is not afraid to call out big businesses and celebrities as “double agents of the patriarchy” for marketing products to women that make them feel like they are worthless because of how society views their appearance.

She spoke about how, while growing up, she never had role models in the media who were celebrated for their intellect. She discusses how she developed anorexia from the age of 14 to 17. A car accident at the age of 17 broke her back and changed her perspective and relationship with her body.

The actress, who currently stars in the excellent utopian comedy “The Good Place,” also spoke about how she’s against airbrushing. She revealed that early on in her career, her skin tone was made lighter and her nose shaped was change in photos to make it more appealing for a Caucasian audience. Jamil realized that these changes send a negative message to young girls but also makes her feel that she isn’t good enough. She’s using her fame to make her stance clear now.

Speaking to Guru-Murthy, she also discussed how the Kardashians are unknowingly acting as “double agents of the patriarchy.” Jamil hasn’t shied away from talking about the uber famous reality TV clan. She also calls out big businesses for their advertising if it is geared towards unrealistic beauty standards for women.

So, what does that being a “double agent of the patriarchy” even mean?

Here is what Jamil had to say:

This clip has since gone viral with opinions pouring in from all sides those in support of Jamil and those who also believe she is placing too much blame on the Kardashians instead of rightfully placing it on the sexist patriarchy.

Jamil, however, is rightfully upset that her one statement regarding the Kardashians is being taken out of context and has become the focus of all coverage instead of all the other important topics she covered in the 48-minute podcast.

Jamil created her “I Weigh” movement to encourage women to express their value in more ways than just a number on the scale. She recognizes how plus-size models like Ashley Graham and Tess Holiday, along with the #MeToo movement are changing the game. But, there is still a long way to go.

Jamil has become the voice of reason we so desperately need. Watch her full interview below!




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