In a recent interview with the Indo-Asian News Service (IANS), actor and comedian Hasan Minhaj said he’s not afraid to take “big swings” and to call people out on their actions. The former “Daily Show” correspondent will, presumably, be taking these “big swings” on his upcoming weekly Netflix show, “Patriot Act.”

“I am very lucky. I am in an incredibly privileged position as a comedian in America and we are given certain protection. Despite the problems that the country has, we are given these incredible privileges and protections,” Hasan told IANS in a phone interview. “I know a lot of journalists, activists and performers around the world who don’t get that. So, I just feel incredibly grateful for the opportunities that I have. And because I have those opportunities, I want to take big swings. I want to say things that I really feel.”

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Minhaj is skilled at incorporating comedy into a wide array of topics from political stances to social causes. He tends to a side the mainstream had not considered, like in his “Homecoming King” Netflix special where he spoke of what it was like to be the victim of a racist attack when someone vandalized Minhaj’s father’s car.

Minhaj admitted in the interview with IANS that he had tried to fit in and be like every other American comedian but he realized, with the help of his “Daily Show” mentors Trevor Noah and John Stewart, that bringing his own perspective to the field was what made the most difference.

“On ‘The Daily Show’, Jon Stewart and Trevor Noah really push you to say what is your perspective and what is your take…That is the unique thing. That is the thing which breaks the chat,” Hasan told IANS. “Once I realized that, I was like, ‘Oh, actually being generic, trying to play everybody, isn’t very good for comedy or storytelling.’ So, I just doubled down on the things which I really believe in and are a part of my identity.”

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Minhaj is currently on a career high with his comedy tour and Netflix special. He recently left “The Daily Show” after a four-year run on the hit program.

In addition, he wrote for the 50th edition of the Ms. Marvel comic, had a supporting role in the film, “The Spy Who Dumped Me,” and took home the Peabody Award for “Homecoming King.”

And let’s not forget the numerous magazine covers the handsome star has graced from Vogue to GQ India.

With this new Netflix show, Minhaj is solidifying his place as a verifiable star in Hollywood. We can’t wait to see what “big swings” he takes when “Patriot Act” launches in October.


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