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Zombies 3 Soundtrack: List of All the Songs

The soundtrack for Zombies 3 is as good as the previous ones.

The new Disney movie ‘Zombies 3’ itself was pretty good, according to spectators. The audience loved the silly humor with the aliens and the clueless nature of human emotions and ways.

Zed is hoping for an athletic scholarship, while Addison is getting ready for Seabrook’s first international cheer-off. Then, all of a sudden, extraterrestrial beings show up in Seabrook, causing more than friendly rivalry.

While the movie had great messages about utopia and it not be possible without knowing conflict. This movie features a soundtrack, just like every other movie. Do you wish to discover which musical selections were featured in this Disney movie?

Zombies 3 Soundtrack Guide 

Disney movie songs, as we all know, are always so good that it gets hard to explain. You may find the soundtrack for this movie below if you haven’t seen it yet.

1. Alien Invasion By Cast

We adore the seamless blending of everyone’s voices in this song. Aliens’ choreography is excellent because it sounds exactly like an alien life form. What we adore about Disney is how they transform violent scenes into song breaks.

We also love the way aliens are like, “we mean no harm” but instead, they are destroying everything they see in their path, lol.

2. Ain’t No Doubt About It By Milo Manheim And Meg Donnelly

This pair is the perfect coupling. They are so perfectly portrayed by Milo and Meg, and the two of them get along so nicely. Their voices were amazing, and this tune was quite catchy. Additionally, they killed it with their dancing.

3. What Is This Feeling By Cast [potentially he ‘LOST SONG‘ that will feature in the Disney Channel release]

4. Come On Out By Chandler Kinney, Ariel Martin, Pearce Joza, and Cast

A song is never missed by the werewolf. Every song they perform is a smash. Everything about the performance—the dancing, the singing, the lyrics—evokes a wolf pack on the prowl.

5. Exceptional Zed By Cast

The audience enjoys boosting Zed’s ego in this way. It was first demotivating. But now you can see Zebrook’s residents working with him to alter history in their own unique Human, Zombie, and Wolf ways. This song is really motivational and catchy.

6. I’m Finally Me By Milo Manheim and Cast

The fact that Addison is at last feeling like she belongs makes the audience pleased. She can come into her own with a better purpose and broader vision after years of being misled, ignored, and kept from knowing who she is.

We really adore the wall downstairs, which demonstrates how secure she is in her identity.

7. Nothing But Love By Cast

This is most likely the movie’s audience’s favorite song. The lighting in the first shot is strikingly similar to the opening moment where they sing the ballad version of “Someday.”

8. Utopia By Matt Cornett, Terry Hu, Kyra Tantao, and Cast

The same alien that left Addison [Meg Donnelly] on Earth discovered Utopia. The alien conceals the coordinates of this world in the most valuable item in Seabrook, claiming that it is the ideal spot for her community to dwell and prosper [City where the film takes place].

9. Fired Up By Cast

We appreciate that only that portion of the chant is performed. Someone needs to combine this with the original. This song evokes memories of the past.

It demonstrates how much Zebrook and Addison have changed since the beginning and it is such a wonderful feeling.

10. Someday By Cast

This song is both nostalgic and unique, and it serves as a reminder that no matter what, the star-struck couple from Seabrook will continue to fight for their relationship and remain strong.

The audience loves how it transitioned from Zed and Addison’s song to the prom song, and now everyone is singing it. Somehow they were able to include this in all three movies.

We adore how each song has a new vibe in each movie. That is why the Zombies movie series soundtracks are so appreciated since they always play at just the right moment and in just the right situation.

What do you think of this Disney movie? Did you enjoy the soundtrack? Which song brought on the chills? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below.

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