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Zoe Kazan And Paul Dano Expecting Their Second Baby Together

A new member is joining the family of Zoe Kazan and Paul Dano after their announcement that they were adding to their family through the birth of a child.

The actress expects a second child with her partner Paul Dano and her second with the actor. There is already one child in the couple’s family, a daughter, who they welcomed into the world last year.

The Actress Showed Off Her Baby Bump Last Month

On the red carpet at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center for the 60th annual New York Film Festival, the 39-year-old actress walked with Dano, who is starring in Kazan’s upcoming film She Said, displaying her baby bump a month ago.

The Big Sick actress shows off her bump on Marie Claire’s Power Issue cover. She is also seen with She Said star Carey Mulligan, journalist Jodi Kantor, and actress Olivia Wilde.

There was no immediate response from Kazan’s representatives, while Dano’s representatives could not comment upon PEOPLE’s request.

It Was Announced In October 2018 That The Couple Had Given Birth To Their First Child

As part of their guest-starring role on The Tonight Show back in October 2018, the couple announced they had welcomed their first child. According to Dano, 38, during the interview, the couple’s infant daughter was born eight weeks earlier, but he could not give an exact date when she was born.

Upon congratulating him on the birth of a cute, adorable newborn baby, Jimmy Fallon asked him if he felt anything about being a father for the first time. He also asked him what he thought about it. Kazan admitted in a recent interview with Marie Claire that it could sometimes be tough to balance the demands of motherhood and her professional career as an actress.

There is a lot of talk about balancing work and family life, but balancing your priorities is also very difficult,” she said. “I wanted to be the person who took my daughter to her first day of preschool, and I couldn’t do that because I felt like this job wasn’t as significant as that. And vice versa.”

“I was just really relieved to read a script where that was represented and where I could put that part of myself in there,” she added about her experience working on She Said. “And I felt bolstered by having [Megan and Jodi] and [their] experiences and Carey [Mulligan] and her experiences. It made me feel not alone.”

They Met On Stage In Things We Want, A 2007 Play

After meeting on stage in the 2007 play, Things We Want, Kazan and Dano were inspired to work together. Since then, the two have traveled worldwide and are currently engaged. In addition to their on-screen relationship, the pair have also maintained a close connection.

Their collaborations have been numerous, including the film Ruby Sparks, which they produced in 2012. The couple played the lead role in the movie in a co-starring part, with Kazan writing the screenplay. Dano’s interview with The New York Times in 2012 discussed his long-term partner and how they worked together on the film.

I believe that Zoe did a great thing for me in the film, but the most valuable thing I liked about it was that she didn’t try to depict us as characters so that Calvin and Ruby are simply Calvin and Ruby, not Paul and Zoe.”

Let’s wish the couple all the best for the future, especially as they expect to have their second child in their arms soon.


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