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Zachary Levi Seeks Advice From Fans On ‘Phone Call Problems’, Calls It ‘Technology Nightmare’

American actor Zachary Levi is having another breakdown! Whether it is champagne problems or phone calls problems, he hasn’t hesitated to seek advice from his 1.6 million Instagram followers. In an Instagram post, Zachary revealed that even though he’s turned on the “Silent Unknown Calls” on his iPhone, it hasn’t helped him much. Read on to learn more about this star’s struggle with technology.

Champagne Does That, A Technology Nightmare?

While the world is struggling with poverty, hunger and another Covid-19 wave, Zachary is stuck on his “phone call problems”. In a recent Instagram post, the 42-year-old “Shazam!” star wrote: “Champagne problems, I know. But I really don’t wanna have to change my phone number. If anyone knows how to permanently block calls with a blocked caller ID, I will be forever grateful. 😬🙏”

Upset with a series of calls despite trying everything, he explained his problem in a note: “For those of you trying to help me, I have already turned on the “Silent Unknown Calls” feature on my iPhone. It really hasn’t done much. The calls still come in and fill my call log, and if my iPhone is open and in use, the calls still interrupt whatever app I am using. It’s a technology nightmare.” Zachary sought advice from his fans on how to deal with this issue.

Just Visit An Apple Or Switch To Android!

Zachary’s post garnered more than 14K likes and several comments from fans and celebrities who tried their best to help the star. Josh Schwartz was the first to comment, “Have you tried scheduling a Nerd Herd appointment with your local Buy More?”

A fan suggested, “If you have an iPhone why don’t you put your phone on do not disturb for example and only allow calls from your contact list by selecting who you want? Then just leave your phone on do not disturb or focus mode then you can only allow which apps you want to work and which people you allow to call or even message you.”

One fan simply suggested that he must simply go to an Apple Store. “Have you gone to the Apple Store? I had this problem and they were able to reset my phone and it worked,” a fan with a similar problem wrote. One fan mocked, “Switch to android.”

A nerdy friend suggested using RoboKiller. He commented, “Try RoboKiller to block unwanted calls. It will intercept them and will answer them with funny voices and save the recordings for you to enjoy lol.” Another fan suggested: “All I can suggest is that you contact your phone provider & ask them for help. I hope you can resolve your issues with your phone. I trust you have a great Xmas, Zachary Levi.”

Zachary published a  memoir/self-help book in 2022, titled Radical Love: Learning to Accept Yourself and Others. He has been pretty vocal about his problems with the world. Previously, he opened up that he once had a “complete mental breakdown” that led to a three-week stay in a psych ward. Well, his phone problem seems a lot smaller and can be tackled easily. So iPhone users, what do you suggest?

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