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Young and Hungry Season 6: Will it Return?

Young and Hungry gave us five seasons! Naturally, we are now eying out for Season 6.

Speaking strictly about expectations, can we expect Young and Hungry Season 6 out soon? Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed on the matter.

The Freeform sitcom held five seasons and now the ongoing discussions speak about having a sixth. How far are we?

The freeform sitcom formerly known as ABC Family back in 2014 premiered Young and Hungry.

If you are on the same page as I am, let me guess what you are thinking!

Will Gabi and Josh be together, like ”EVER”!! Is the show returning for Season 6? Is the show canceled? 

Bookmark this page because we have covered you. To get hold of the latest updates, keep reading.

Emily Osment as Gabi Diamond has an undying love for food and thus becomes a private chef for Josh Kaminski, a rich billionaire.

Young and Hungry Season 6 – Returning or Not?

Young and Hungry Season 5 had 20 episodes. Initially, there was a target of 10 episodes and then, 10 more were added to the shelf.

This introduced us to two sections of Season 5, 5A and 5B. Season 5A came out on March 13th, 2017, and ended on March 22nd, 2017.

In March 2018, an announcement followed that declared the show will see its last in the form of the fifth season.

Section 5B came out on June 20, 2018, and ended up on July 25, 2018.

Young and Hungry Season 6

The makers decided to bring a film that will sum up the story of the show.

David Holden, the makers of the show, said, “We truly needed to do another season, and we didn’t get to. Yet, hello, that is the way TV works. Hopefully, we will tie everything up in an ideal little bow. That is not how the business works.”

The thought with the film is that we tie things up somewhat more. The season most certainly leads to a cliffhanger. It would be great if a film would satisfy our fans as a whole. We’ve as of now composed a draft of the script for them. I figure it will be on Freeform. I believe it’s an issue of sorting out if and when it will occur. It’s out of my hands. If they don’t get the film, I feel like we should put it on the web and see that it does occur.”, he added.

Fans are ”Hungry” for Young and Hungry!

The ongoing discussions of the upcoming season are going out like crazy!

Frustrations follow

People are eagerly waiting!

It’s high time that we get Young and Hungry Season 6? You hear me, makers?

Let us know your thoughts.

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  1. I agree. Grew up watching but didn’t finish and just now rewatched and am sooo sad it ended where it ended I thought there was another season and now im sad. I wanted to see more progress with sofia and nick. I want to see how gabi and josh make it work. Ughh. Even if it came out as a light novel id read it


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