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Yellowstone Season 4: Release Date, Cast, & Spoilers

Yellowstone Season 4 is on the way, but everyone’s best assumptions about when it will air may be incorrect. And we need to know since Kevin Costner’s Western drama concluded last year on a massive cliffhanger that left the Dutton family in jeopardy.

When season 4 premieres, cast member Cole Hauser teased, “Everybody’s in danger.” Filming concluded a while ago, and it could air on the Paramount Network as soon as this month. However, since a trailer for Season 4 has yet to be released, that probability is becoming less and less plausible.

Kayce Dutton, a former Navy SEAL whose wife, Monica, is Native American, is a member of John’s family. There’s Beth Dutton, a banker who has fought with drug and alcohol addiction. Jamie Dutton, the eldest son, is a lawyer and aspiring politician. Rip Wheeler, the ranch foreman, has a romantic relationship with Beth.

Many of the Duttons’ lives were on the line in the violent season 3 finale. Nobody is really safe.

Yellowstone Season 4 Release Date

The release date for Yellowstone season 4 has yet to be announced by Paramount Network. However, we had every reason to believe that the premiere would take place in June.

June was the month in which all three previous seasons debuted. In addition, when season 4 filming wrapped in November, Chief Joseph Ranch (the set of Yellowstone) released an Instagram post with the caption “Who’s thrilled for the June premiere?”.

With no additional updates on Yellowstone season 4 as of June, some fans are concerned that the new series may be delayed, going to the show’s official Instagram account to speculate on whether it will premiere this month or not. The fact that Paramount aired a marathon of every episode over Memorial Day weekend — but still didn’t announce a debut date — didn’t help the protracted wait.

We don’t know when Yellowstone season 4 will premiere, or on what day of the week. Seasons 1 and 2 were broadcast on Wednesdays, whereas season 3 was broadcast on Sundays. Season 4 will most likely air on Sunday as well.

Update: A lot of Yellowstone fans are now speculating that the delay in the release will be because of the Olympics. If it is true then we may see Yellowstone only after August 8 when the Olympics end. 

Yellowstone Season 4 Trailer

The season 4 trailer, or even a teaser, has yet to be released by Paramount Network. And if there’s anything that makes us think a June premiere is doubtful, it’s this. If the show was returning this month, a trailer should have arrived by now.

As a result, unless a new teaser is released shortly, viewers should expect a later launch date.

Yellowstone Cast for Season 4

Yellowstone stars Kevin Costner, Wes Bentley, Kelly Reilly, Luke Grimes, Cole Hauser, and Gil Birmingham. John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner, is the patriarch of a family that has held the Yellowstone/Dutton Ranch for six generations. Kayce Dutton, the youngest son, is played by Grimes.

Meanwhile, Reilly plays Beth, John’s daughter, a cutthroat and loyal financier with substance addiction problems. Bentley plays Beth’s brother, Jamie Dutton, and it was revealed in season three that he was adopted.

Story And Plot

Warning: Spoilers ahead, proceed with caution.

After the season finale ended so dramatically, Yellowstone season 4 will have a significant cliffhanger to address. Beth’s office was bombed, and Kayce and John were targeted in separate shootings. Will the three Duttons make it out alive?

It’s safe to assume John, at the very least, will. Costner has remained mum on the patriarch’s fate, stating only that the resolution is “strong” in a local Fox interview. But, without John Dutton, can you image Yellowstone without him? Beth’s future with Rip has been discussed by both Reilly and Hauser, implying that she will survive the bombing.

If Beth survives, it’s possible that she and Rip may eventually tie the knot. Season 4 is expected to begin at a “breakneck pace,” according to cast member White. The Duttons and their cronies are expected to retaliate in some way in response to the bombings and shootings. Season 4 Episode 1 could be titled “Wrath of Rip,” according to Hauser.

Official Updates

As much there is for Netflix’s Yellowstone, there are little to no updates on the show from the makers and the cast of the show except for that the shooting of season 04 has been completed.


So, that’s all we know about Yellowstone season 04 as of now. Stay connected to get more updates on Yellowstone season 04. Hope you liked the article. See you next time. Until then, stay safe.

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  1. If season 4 has been wrapped up then what is the problem? why can’t it not be aired? I think that it is unfair to the fans that you leave us all hanging, I really don’t know why it cannot be aired in June, like it always has been I know that I can speak for myself and all other fans we have to wait a long time to wait for another season of Yellowstone and to be put off as long as we have been it’s ridiculous!!! And I’m sure other fans are getting quite upset as well please air Yellowstone!!!

  2. Rumor is it will not air til after the Olympics. Every day that passes without a release date and season trailer makes that more likely.

  3. I wish the executives would at least let everybody know when, and what day of the week to expect season 4..I have not missed a single show since the beginning and set my work.scedule by when Yellowstine will air.

  4. It’s s*** like this that causes people well at least some people to lose interest all together and a series although yeah stone is one if not the best series on television people get aggravated on waiting and their anticipation soon turns to hatred!!! What’s the big deal about being opposite the Olympics, Lots of people don’t give a damn about the Olympics.if people want to watch the Olympics they’ll watch the Olympics if they’d rather watch Yellowstone then they’ll watch Yellowstone, it’s not rocket science. Keep in mind this is the 21st century we have the capability of watching one channel and recording the other.

  5. Well we did with out the Olympics,last year. So,for the love of GOD. I feel like Yellowstone, should be first. This cliff hanger is ,as bad as the show Dallas was. Who shot J.R. Show Yellowstone, Americans have the right,to choose what show they want to watch. Steven Thompson in Knoxville,Tennessee

  6. Come on folks, the wait is sure to be well worth it. I’m probably on of the biggest Yellowstone fans out there, but I can wait.
    I’ve been a huge Kevin Costner fan ever since Dances With Wolves, but I’ve also gone back and watched all his movies.
    So be patient and I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised once a release date is given.

  7. We watched the last 3 seasons on Sling now supposedly the Paramount channel will require a separate subscription.

  8. Well, I have noticed that on July 4th, 5th and 6th they will be airing seasons 1, 2 and 3. Usually that’s an indicator that it will be on soon.
    I also read that there was some reshoots that took place this year were as they had rapped up back last November.
    Chill people! It’s coming…stop complaining because you know it’s the best show on your list.

  9. I read that Yellowstone was filmed as a movie…then it was decided to show it as a series. So what is all this about filming “wrapping up”? I love the Duttons and the actors playing them. I am totally engrossed in it. But, with a change of location to New York and different actors and minor changes, I am amused that it could easily have been “The Godfather” script.. All those guys being pushed over the cliff could easily be compared to the “hits” in “The Godfather”. I do really like the fact that the Native Americans and their plight was touched on. I am not one of “The Real People”, (well…maybe 1
    32nd Choctaw/Chickasaw) but I am aware of their struggles. I lived with my grandparents when I was a child and we lived on a ranch…didn’t see any of that sort of violence. But I learned that “the land” is revered. All I can say to the producers is bring it on.

  10. If it were a choice between Yellowstone and the Olympics. I know what I’d be watching. That’s probably what everyone else would be watching as well. 🤠

  11. There is one thing during the first season that is very puzzling for me. John is shown sitting in a chair on his front lawn just before Lee’s funeral service. Jamie comes up from behind him and says, “Okay Jack, we’re ready”. Now everyone knows that Jack is a nickname for John (everyone referred to JFK as Jack). But that is the one and only time in all 3 seasons that John Dutton is called Jack. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

  12. In addition to the Olympics, we are entering into post-Covid summer with a lot of people wanting to socialize. I think viewership will be down. I hope it doesn’t start while I’m away seeing family and friends.

  13. I think they should release it asap anyway because most people record it and watch it at their convenience as with any show.

  14. Heck ! Through it in the theatres! I will pay good money to see it on the big screen NOW!
    Big screen……NOW!
    $10 per ticket
    Heck $20 per ticket! I MUST see what happens! The sooner ……the better!!!!

  15. Channels are treating us just like the government does, control. They want us begging. I might do just like I did with Dancing with the Stars. Turn it off and never watch again after what they did to Tom B and Erin.

  16. I look constantly for the trailer for season 4 I love this show!!!!!! Hurry please and start the season, the heck with the Olympics!

  17. This delay with secrecy and a whole lot of speculation makes me feel like it is another thing where answers are day to day non-answers, speculation and the public being put off from the entertainment like COVID has done to us.

  18. If we all have to wait MUCH longer Interest is LOST and we move onto other shows. As one 4gets .So many good one,s already out there now.


  20. That is so disrespectful to all fans who are anxiously waiting for the new season.. Maybe they need to step up and give the fans an answer no matter what the hold up is..

  21. Just tell us the starting date so we don’t miss it. Whether it is June 27 or August 08 we don’t care we just want to know when so we can setup our viewing parties in our homes.

  22. I Love this husband was in prison for 27 years and I talked about this show for weeks love it then one day he called me and he said guess what I got to watch yellow stone all 3 season he said now I know Y u loved that movie .well in January he got covb19. He passed Feb 2 2021. But I will be Watching Yellowstone 4 season..

  23. Aren’t most of us paying to watch it already? Cable, DVD, or whatever you stream? I will not pay for another channel or stream. So many shows I’ve heard about but you can’t pay for them all. It’s a shame what it costs to watch TV- I guess that’s why I’m watching Costner. Given what the world has been thru I’m fine with November release date. My family is alive and well & I can curl up in winter and watch Yellowstone.


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