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Yellowjackets Season 2: Melanie Lynskey Gives Update on Some Characters

After a spectacular season 1 finale, Showtime’s Yellowjackets is gearing up to start filming and explore more of the winter scenario ahead in season 2.

The high school soccer girls fighting for their life has intrigued the correct emotion in the hearts of fans who thrive for a good psychological dramas. 

The American psychodrama series created by  Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson is undeniably one of the best shows that brought the post-pandemic TV scenario back on track.

The high school girls staying alive in the wilderness brings so much complexity and shade to the narrative of the show that makes it is unique in its own way. 

With its last installment released in December 2021, the Showtime’s original is gearing up to bring back the action to our screens but what is it actually bringing for us fans.

Melanie Lynskey has some amazing news ahead of season 2’s filming. Check out this article to know the full details.

Melanie Lynskey Revealed Season 2’s Bringing Older Versions Of Characters

The hit show, Yellowjackets features a high school girls’ soccer team fighting for their lives in the wilderness after their plane crashes down. They had a difficult time and many started to lose their minds.

This became especially evident when they came back home to the present day and found that their lives were very different from how they were before all those events.

The show’s gripping narrative and excellent star cast are one of the reasons for its popularity. Speaking of the star cast, Melanie Lynskey has shared some insights on the show’s upcoming narrative to feature older versions of the existing characters from the show.

According to a few of her interviews, the survival series star shared that possibility of a new cast is on the cards.

The Critics Choice Award Winner is currently promoting her latest series for Hulu “Candy” where she revealed that the older versions of younger couples from the show are being discussed. 

Melanie Lynskey Suggested “Natasha Lyonne” play one of the older versions

Lynskey opened up about the casting of older versions of the young characters from Yellowjackets. The actress hinted toward the casting of an older version for “Van”.

The internet has seemed to storm their brains for the star suggestions to play the iconic “Van, Liv Hewson” who is one of the stranded girls in the wilderness. 

Melanie, herself has a brilliant choice for the character as she shared with the press. She suggested Natasha Lyonne who is currently ruling Netflix with her latest Russian Doll Season.

Lynskey shared that Natasha is a dear friend of hers and is extremely talented. She added that she is obsessed with her but she is too busy. 

Lynskey added that she is really looking forward to the casting of young Liv as she wants to see her survive till the end of the show. 

With such thrilling speculations building towards finding the older version for the young Yellowjackets characters, it is surely going to be amazing!

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