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Woody Harrelson Recalls Drinking ‘Cobra Blood’ With Michael J. Fox In Thailand

Woody Harrelson and Michael J. Fox have tasted cobra’s blood! While presenting Fox with the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at the 2022 Governors Awards in Los Angeles, the Primetime Award winner recounted a shocking memory with his lifelong friend. The story dates back to 1989 and is pretty much bloody.

Harrelson and Fox Are Snake Brothers…

During the 2022 Governors Awards in Los Angeles, Fox was presented Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award by his lifelong friend, Woody Harrelson. While giving away this award, “The Messenger” star recounted a bizarre memory from 1989 when he visited the Grammy Award winner in Thailand.

Harrelson revealed that he and Fox went out one night when they stumbled upon a kid putting on a fight “between a cobra and a mongoose.” “He taunted a bunch of these cobras and then he found the orneriest cobra, grabbed it by the neck, threw it in a cage with mongoose, where I saw the craziest fight I’ve ever seen between any animals other than studio executives,” the Grammy-nominated actor joked.

Harrelson then continued that the mongoose won, took the snake, tied it by its tail, ran the blood out and half filled four glasses with cobra blood and half with Thai whiskey. He further noted that “drinking the cobra blood is called ‘becoming brother to the snake.’”

Fox’s Fight Against Parkinson

Harrelson concluded his Thailand tale by stating that even though the Canadian-American actor is a heavy drinker, he “promptly vomited his snake cocktail.” After narrating this tale, the “Hunger Games” actor praised Fox, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 1991. He praised his dear friend for flipping “a chilling diagnosis into a courageous mission.”

When Fox took the stage to accept the Hersholt Award, honouring “outstanding contributions to humanitarian causes,” the “Doc Hollywood” star thanked and hugged Harrelson for his introduction. “I love you. We did some damage,” Fox said to his Doc Hollywood costar. “We did some damage in the ’80s.”

Fox is the man who recommended Harrelson for a role in the 1991 fish-out-of-water comedy, helping to launch his film career. Accepting his award for his work with Parkinson’s disease, with which he was diagnosed shortly after filming Doc Hollywood, Fox reflected on living with the disease.

“I refer to Parkinson’s as the gift that keeps on taking. But it truly has been a gift,” Fox said. “Once I became engaged in learning about the disease, every interaction, every new piece of information I gathered, every researcher or NIH official I talked to, all confirmed the science was ahead of the money.” He added, “The answers could be unlocked with the right investments.”

If you aren’t aware, when Fox was diagnosed with this chilling disease, he became an advocate for finding a cure and founded the Michael J. Fox Foundation in 2000 to help fund research.

However, as his symptoms worsened, he had to reduce his activity, and subsequently returned to television in Spin City. For his advocacy of a cure for Parkinson’s disease, Fox received an honorary doctorate in 2010 from the Karolinska Institute and an honorary Oscar in 2022. Fox’s story is truly inspiring, isn’t it?

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