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Witcher Season 3: What Do We Know So Far

News of the series renewal for a third season had broken out in September of 2021, with production starting in April 2022.

The series has had frequent updates regarding the new cast joining the show and the direction the story will take in season 3.

The Story So Far

With the conclusion of season two’s story arc carrying forward into season 3, there has been much speculation as to the direction the story will take, despite the series best efforts to stay true to the source material. So far the arcs that have been covered are “The last wish” and “The Sword of Destiny” both storylines that predate the events of the books.

The show from the ground up has had the best setup for what was to be the second attempt to make a film adaptation of the franchise, based on the books by Andrzej Sapkowski.

The series stars Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra, Freya Allan and Joey Batey in the lead roles.

Updates Regarding Release

The show is set to cast new actors for the roles of Gallatin, Milva, Prince Radovid and Mistle, the actors set to play the roles were announced on the official twitter page

The first two seasons of the Witcher have been nothing short of phenomenal. With stellar writing, brilliant cinematography, groundbreaking special effects and visuals and some of the best choices made by Netflix’s casting department so far.

The cast has been nothing short of thrilled with working together on set, through multiple interviews it seems outright fun for them to work on a project like this. Henry Cavill

Possible Storylines to be Adapted.

Season 3 if it decides to pick up where it left off (purely speculation at this point) is to be adapted from the novel “Time of Contempt” in the Witcher series,

The studio has been very hush-hush about major plot details and has tried to get its fans to keep the spoilers to a minimum for those who haven’t caught up with the show yet.

After Henry Cavill’s major injury on set, the show had taken a step back in the action sequences for Geralt’s character. This of course turned out well for Ciri’s character who gets a lot more focus in season two. Learning to stand her ground and becoming a strong empowered character, sick of being a damsel in distress.

Recap of Season One and Two (Possible Spoilers)

The story starts by following the characters of Yennifer and Geralt through the centuries, The timeline of Season one wasn’t too clear with multiple flashbacks and expository dialogue. In my opinion, this was the weakest link in the show’s watchability to some extent. Most of these issues were fortunately rectified in the second season.

After connecting the peculiar dots along with the storyline, we know of the main characters and their motivations and how Ciri came to be under Geralt’s mentorship and protection.

Yennifer’s character is much more convoluted as it seems she is unable to be at peace with the fact that her decision to cure her disfigurement had cost a lot more to her than she ever anticipated. Through her relationship with Geralt, she is seen trying to find a cure for the mistake she feels she must correct.

Jaskier’s character was the best received considering the fact that the last time someone tried to make a comic relief character we got Jar Jar Binks. Surprisingly since her can talk normally he ended up becoming a very relatable character and in fact the only normal one in a world of mystic origins.

We’re bound to have more updates as filming proceeds over the next few months. Until then it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to rewatch seasons 1 and 2 just for how endearing the characters are.

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