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Winnie Harlow Returns Home and Shares Pictures With Her Family

The place where we grew up is magical to us. It is a mystic circle surrounded by comforts and virtues never known beyond the limits of its hallowed limits; it is a place where the perfect life is born and taken care of. There is a similar experience being witnessed by Winnie Harlow.

On August 9, the model made a trip to her granny’s house to meet the rest of the family. She shared lots of pictures of her home on her Instagram account, and many of the images tell the story of how much she misses it terribly.

Winnie Visited Her Family In Jamaica, Her Home Country

Recently, Winnie posted a picture carousel on her Instagram feed that featured several different photos. As seen from the pictures, she is back in her home country and enjoying spending time with her family, with many memories attached.

Along with the pictures, she added a caption that reads, “Always connected to my roots..got to take my baby and my friends to see my Daddy’s house & mechanic garage (Young Services for all your Jamaican car troubles, car racing, and car towing !!!), and my granny house in jamaica, where my @cayskin inspo began. Where my Daddy would rub sunscreen all over me, and my granny would cut fresh Aloe Vera and rub it on my skin… I feel like my granny should whoop me for kissing a boy in her front yard, haha but then I remember I’m grown now and this is one of the places that raised me… Memories don’t live like people do…”

A Few Friends And Her Boyfriend Kyle Kuzma Accompanied The Model

As part of the pictures she posted on Instagram, there was a picture of Kyle Kuzma kissing her in the yard. She has taken Kuzma and a few of her friends to her home so they can meet her family.

Winnie and Kuzma started dating back in March 2020, and they are still together. During their relationship, there were times when they broke up and then got back together again. There is a possibility that the couple might be planning to get married as a result of this meeting with their family.

All About Winnie Harlow and Family

In addition to being a model, Winnie Harlow is also a television personality. Her participation in the 21st cycle of the U.S. television series ‘America’s Next Top Model’ made her world famous. Having been born and raised in Toronto, where she is the daughter of Windsor Young and Lisa Brown, Harlow suffers from a chronic skin condition known as vitiligo, which has caused some parts of her skin to be depigmented.

Having launched her modelling career on Instagram, Harlow was discovered by Tyra Banks, who spotted her and recruited her as a contestant for the 2014 season of NBC’s ‘America’s Next Top Model’.

After working for brands such as Sprite, Diesel, and Swarovski in the following years, she has emerged as one of the most prominent young fashion models with a wide range of experience. As well as being a public spokesperson for vitiligo, she is also a healthcare professional.

There is no doubt that Winnie Harlow is having a great time with her family and boyfriend, Kuzma. It will be interesting to see what news this meeting will bring about. We will keep you posted on more celebrity gossip.

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