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William James Richardson Emerges Out as the Winner of ‘The Mole’ Season 1

In the grand finale of season 1 of Netflix’s show The Mole which took place on October 21, 2022, Friday, we saw that William James Richardson won the show and walked away home with the prize money of $101,500 after correctly identifying Kesi Neblett as the mole.

For those of you who are unaware, let us tell you, William aka Will is a lifestyle brand manager by profession. During the final episodes of the show, he felt that Kesi was manipulative and she had a natural ability to get away with performing badly in tasks. Read on to learn more about the finale of The Mole season 1.

What did William do during ‘The Mole’ episode 9 and 10 challenges?

When we talk about episode 9, after Jacob’s elimination, the girls cracked a few jokes about William for being the last man standing. In the task, the final four (William, Avori, Joi, and Kesi) went to South-East Snowy Mountain for their second last task. Their task was to climb a mountain in 2 hours with 3 check posts.

Let us share with you, each checkpost had some money that was frozen into cubes and hidden nearby. The final four were divided into teams of two so that teammates could climb the slope from both directions. Avori and William were on one team, meanwhile, Joi and Kesi were on the other team.

Avori asked William to drop some of the money in the middle but he refused. At first, he thought Avori was the mole and she would take the opportunity to lose the money. At the end of the episode, Avori was evicted as she failed to guess the real identity of the mole.

Episode 10 of the reality competition The Mole starred the last three finalists, Joi, Kesi, and William. In the last task, the teams were supposed to hide from the drones above the fort and complete three challenges to bag $5000 each.

William wanted people to mistake him for the mole and get eliminated from the show but he could not do much as Joi made a mistake in the first task which made him lose money. He helped the team to win $5000 by running on a landmine path. He was confused about taking Keli’s help but she proved her worth by helping him out. Later on, he guessed Kesi was the real mole and took home $101,500.

Here’s everything you need to know about William James Richardson

William James Richardson hails from Las Vegas. Right from a young age, he wanted to be an athlete. During his college days, he used to play basketball. At the moment, he works as a lifestyle brand manager for other athletes.

As per his Netflix description, William loves adventure. In the game, his key strategy was to never vote for one person in his tests which he did during the last test against Kesi. He is very competitive. His biggest strength is that he pays attention to other people which helps him read them better.

We send our heartiest congrats to William James Richardson on winning season 1 of the show The Mole. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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