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Will there be Pieces of Her Season 2? Renewal Possibility Explored

Are you done binge-watching the thriller show ‘Pieces Of Her’? We want more Pieces (seasons) of Pieces Of Her, right?

Okay, definitely relate to you right now. Because when the show ended our mind wanted more season or at least a hope of another season.

Let’s explore the renewal possibility of the second season of ‘Pieces Of Her’ today. The story follows Andy, who is wrapped up in a tragic mass shooting at a local diner.

Soon afterward, she watches her mother, Laura, easily and viciously neutralizing the menace. As Andy attempts to piece together her mother’s behavior on that particular day, her viewpoint on their entire familial connection shifts.

Soon after, individuals from her mother’s history return, forcing her to flee. She seeks to piece together the shards of reality that her mother concealed long ago while on the voyage.

Will There Be Pieces Of Her Season 2?

A straightforward question needs a straightforward answer. At the time of writing, the show isn’t renewed for a second season. But it definitely deserves another season because a lot of folks liked the show.

Not only was it liked, but millions of people watched it, and it quickly rose to the top ten after its premiere. Well, if the numbers of viewers continue to grow we expect that a door will definitely open for the possibility of a second season.

If you’re wondering why the show wasn’t renewed for a second season, we’ve got you covered. Netflix waits to see how a show is performing before renewing it. The show is then renewed for another season if it has a high viewership.

And it’s the same with Pieces Of Her. And it was recently released; we shall learn about the renewal in the coming days. Okay, here’s something spectators should know about.

The show was actually billed as a ‘limited series‘ or ‘miniseries‘. And we know what happens when the show is marked like that. It doesn’t get a second season and the whole story is concluded in the initial season.

But if the show will be renewed it won’t be the first time that a limited series will return for more extended seasons. But keep your fingers crossed.

The Possibility Of The Renewal Of ‘Pieces Of Her’

What are the possibilities? We believe high because, first and foremost, the show performed admirably, and second, why not?

The show’s twisted ending undoubtedly left a door for us to discover more about the mystery and, of course, to keep watching to see what happens next.

Based on the differences between the book and show conclusions, we believe there will be a second season. Pieces of Her showrunner did say something about the show being a limited show.

She stated, “It started as a limited, and then I think there was a decision made at a certain point to go for a series. I believe that was a Netflix decision, but there‚Äôs certainly a lot more to tell and I purposely kind of started building it out a little bit more. I tried to open it up so it could have some legs should it find an audience.”

If the show is renewed we might get another season by 2023. But let’s hope for the best. You can stay tuned with us to know more about the future of this thriller drama. Also, we will keep you up-to-date. Toodles!

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