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Will There Be A Sonic Prime Season 2? Everything We Know So Far

After the much-acclaimed live-action films, Sonic the Hedgehog returned to its animated roots with Sonic Prime. The series premiered on Netflix on December 15 and saw the blue blur and his friends falling through alternate dimensions. Sonic then had to restore the universe and save his friends.

The show is getting a lot of praise from audiences who have already binged the eight-episode season. Fans are now wondering if the show will return with a new season, especially since the first season ended with a cliffhanger. Read on to find out.

Will Sonic Prime Return with Season 2?

It is confirmed that the animated series will be coming back with its second season. Netflix originally ordered 24 episodes for the show, out of which eight episodes were featured in season 1. The work on the remaining episodes is already going on, and the show is expected to come back sometime in 2023.

However, it is not yet confirmed how many episodes will be there in the second season. As per some reports, the remaining 16 episodes will be split into two seasons, so Sonic Prime might have a total of three seasons.

Logan McPherson, the executive producer of the series, also recently revealed that they are making more episodes. “That is not the end of the story, and we have made more episodes,” McPherson said in an interview.

He added, “I don’t have any details about when exactly they might launch but you can expect them in the not too distant future. The story continues to build and stretches Sonic to his limits both physically and emotionally, so you can expect a wild ride and a lot of fun to come!!”

What to Expect from Sonic Prime Season 2?

Not much is known about the storyline of the upcoming season; however, the creators have teased that there could be a face-off between different Sonics of different universes, much like the recent Marvel films. 

“We really wanted to take Sonic in new directions with this series. It is based on the mythology, it is part of the canon, and we really used that as a springboard for the story. But we wanted to stretch him and take the story in crazy new directions,” McPherson said.

“So the ‘Shatterverse,’ as we’re calling it, made sense for us to be able to explore and play with different aspects and elements without changing the mythology that already exists,” he added.

Sonic Prime Season 2 Voice Cast

The voice cast will most probably be returning to reprise their roles in the next season. Sonic Prime features Deven Mack as Sonic the Hedgehog, Brian Drummond as Dr Eggman, Ashleigh Ball as Miles Prower, Adam Nurada as Knuckles the Echidna, Shannon Chan-Kent as Amy Rose, Ian Hanlin as Shadow the Hedgehog and Kazumi Evans as Rouge the Bat.

The official synopsis of the series reads, “During a battle with Dr. Eggman, Sonic recklessly destroys an artifact called the Paradox Prism, which shatters the universe and sends him and his friends tumbling through parallel dimensions called ‘Shatterspaces.’”

“Seeking to restore the universe and save his friends (whom up until the moment he had taken for granted), Sonic races through the ‘Shatterverse’, encountering alternate versions of his friends and Shadow the Hedgehog while fighting the Chaos Council, a group of dictators made up of five alternate versions of Eggman,” it reads further.

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