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Will ‘The Owl House’ Return with Season 4 as Fans Start Petition to Bring the Show Back?

The third season of the hit Disney Channel series The Owl House concluded recently. The animated show, which first premiered in 2020, went on to become hugely popular and was particularly famous for its LGBTQIA+ representation.

With the end of season three, which only consisted of three episodes, fans have started demanding another installment for the show. A petition to renew the series for a fourth season has also been started online. But is The Owl House coming back with season 4? Read on to find out.

Will The Owl House Return with Season 4?

Unfortunately, The Owl House will not be returning with a fourth season as the show has reached its end with the season 3 finale. Series creator Dana Terrace earlier revealed that Disney wanted to end the show after season 2, and she faced huge difficulty in getting even three consolation episodes for the final season.

Terrace elaborated on Disney’s decision in a post on Reddit and revealed that the channel believed The Owl House ‘did not fit their brand.’ She stated, “Even getting the consolation s3 episodes was difficult, apparently. Hard to say, I wasn’t allowed to be a part of any conversations until I was just… Told. Wasn’t even allowed to present my case.”

The creator further added that the ratings for the show were also not up to the mark, which was another reason for its cancelation. “Our ratings were GOOD (for a Channel show during the streaming wars lmao) but they were also incomplete.”

“This decision was made, to my knowledge, before Agony of a Witch premiered and WELL before we were on Disney+. Also, how are you gonna judge ratings when you don’t rerun the show you’re trying to measure? Get OUTTA here you silly billies,” she continued.

Fans Start Petition to Bring the Show Back

Following the revelation by Terrace, fans started an online petition to convince Disney to bring The Owl House back for another season. “Season 3 only will contain 3 episodes, and it deserves more. Dana herself even wishes the show would continue on,” reads the petition.

“If we show this show enough support, we may be able to get another season to explore more with these amazing characters!” it adds. At the time of writing, the change.org petition has a target of 15k signatures, out of which 13k have been achieved.

What is The Owl House About?

The series follows a 14-year-old human girl who accidentally stumbles into another world. There, she befriends a witch known as The Owl Lady and a warrior and pursues her dream of becoming a witch herself.

“Accidentally sent to the world of the Boiling Isles before a trip to summer camp, a teenage human named Luz longs to become a witch and is aided by rebellious Eda and pint-sized demon King,” reads the official synopsis.

The voice cast for the show included Sarah-Nicole Robles as Luz Noceda, Wendie Malick as Eda Clawthorne, Alex Hirsch as King and Hooty, Tati Gabrielle as Willow Park, Issac Ryan Brown as Gus Porter, Mae Whitman as Amity Blight, Zeno Robinson as Hunter and Matthew Rhys as Emperor Belos.

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