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Will Black Bird Return For Season 2? Let’s Explore The Renewal Status

Is it too soon to discuss Black Bird’s renewal status? However, it is constantly evolving in the minds of the spectators.

This crime drama is based on the true story of found guilty drug dealer Jimmy Keene, who is offered his rights in exchange for coaxing a confession from suspected serial killer Larry Hall and locating the graves of his victims.

The series consists of six episodes and premiered on Apple TV+ on July 8, 2022. We can’t stop talking about it even though there are only two episodes on the screen right now.

Will Black Bird Return For Season 2?

Spectators should be aware that there will be no second season of Black Bird unless a miracle happens. The show will not be renewed because it is a “miniseries” or “limited series.”

And series like these don’t get a second season because the story is wrapped up in a single season. And, because Black Bird is based on a true story, there is always a scarcity of source material.

That means spectators have four more episodes to enjoy before the series comes to an end. And the show is undoubtedly receiving positive feedback from viewers.

Black Bird Episode Details 

We know it’s only six episodes, and two of them have already aired, but let’s talk about the remaining four.

  • Episode 3 – Hand To Mouth

Release Date – July 15, 2022

Synopsis – “Struggling with his transition to maximum security prison, Jimmy initiates a friendship with Larry; new holes in Larry’s stories are uncovered.”

  • Episode 4 – TBA

Release Date – July 22, 2022

Synopsis – “As Jimmy Keene begins a 10-year prison sentence, he gets an incredible offer: if he can elicit a confession from suspected killer Larry Hall, he will be freed; completing this mission becomes the challenge of a lifetime.”

  • Episode 5 – TBA

Release Date – July 29, 2022

  • Episode 6 – TBA [Finale]

Release Date – August 5, 2022

Taron Edergon The ‘Lead’ Spoke About Being A Producer Of Black Bird

Well, Taron Egerton and Paul Walter Hauser were cast to star in the series, which was announced in January 2021. Taron, the lead, did mention something about being a part of the series.

“It was such an amazing read when I was first sent it, and I thought, ‘Wow, this could be something quite special. I think this is something that I would really want to watch’.

By the time this came around, I knew that I was interested in filmmaking conversations as well as acting ones. So, I just asked them if I could be a producer, and if they would welcome my input in that way. And they, very surprisingly and kindly, said yes. That’s how it happened to me.”

Dennis Lehane discussed what he found compelling about Jimmy Keene’s story.

“There were a few things. One, I have no interest in serial killer mythology — it bores me and annoys me, sometimes. I wasn’t trying to make Larry Hall some sort of pop-culture icon.

If you look at the story, there are poles of masculinity, the most positive being, without a doubt, Greg Kinnear’s character, Brian Miller. That, to me, is the male we should all aspire to become … he’s practical, dogged, he follows the path where it goes and doesn’t have a preconceived narrative, and that’s why he caught Larry Hall.

On the most toxic end of the male spectrum, you’ve got a serial killer, and the question to me became, where does everybody else fall if Miller is the shining knight and Hall is the ogre in the cave? And that became a question I tried to ask Jimmy in his journey.”

What are your feelings about the series and the idea of it as a miniseries? You are welcome to leave your opinions in the comments section below.

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  1. This was amazing !! I smell awards ! All the actors just killed it I couldn’t stop watching it gave me goosebumps and was so chilling ! I only wish it was able to go in fir more seasons cause I just loved all these actors together. Great job 👏


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