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Will 1883 Season 2 Be Coming in 2022? Let’s Get an Insight

1883 is a fitting prequel to Yellowstone, and it’s still airing, but viewers are already speculating if there will be another season. Or perhaps we will explore the possibility and look at some statements made by the ‘1883’ team.

1883, the Dutton family is fleeing poverty in Texas and embarking on an adventure through the Great Plains in search of a better destiny in Montana.

Real-life couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill play James and Margaret Dutton, respectively, while Sam Elliott plays Shea Brennan, a fierce cowboy with a dark history.

1883 Renewal Status

Let’s start with whether or not the show has been renewed for another season. The short answer is, no. For the time being, no announcements about a possible season 2 have been made.

Season one has multiple episodes left to air, and we will hopefully get an official statement after that. But no official news has been made on the renewal as of yet.

Possibility Of Season Two

We believe there is a chance for a second season. The launch of 1883 smashed the record for “Paramount Plus’s most-watched original series premiere ever,” and people adored the prequel.

“The results of 1883’s debut are truly phenomenal,” said Tanya Giles, ViacomCBS Streaming’s chief programming officer.

“The day 1 streaming numbers coupled with the results of the linear sampling effort, and social response from our audience show the tremendous promise for this series.”

The reason that the show hasn’t been officially announced for another season is most likely because it is currently in airing and will take some time.

1883 Season Two Depends Upon The Ending Of Season One

Each episode of 1883 has performed admirably up to this point. And binge-watchers already know that we can precisely anticipate another season by watching the show’s conclusion.

Even while the show is currently airing, it’s hard to predict whether or not there will be another season. However, if we look through the eyes of 1883 fans, we can see that they absolutely adored this prequel.

Taylor Sheridan recently gave an ‘indefinite‘ answer to a source when asked how far he intended to push the Yellowstone realm.

“I don’t limit myself. I’m drawn to the sparseness of the West because that’s where I’ve spent most of my life. I lived in New York for a while. I enjoyed my time there, but I would be an outsider writing about it,” Taylor acknowledged this.

Continuing, “I really like using the camera as a paintbrush, and I just find it’s so rare that you get to see the vastness of this nation,” he explained. “For the time being, that’s what fascinates me the most.”

Taylor probably has a vague response because things are being kept under wraps. Or perhaps the creators haven’t decided whether they want another season of 1883.

We will keep our readers up-to-date as new knowledge about the renewal comes to light. Meanwhile, let us know in the comments section below whether you think there will be another season.

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  1. We all know that 1883 will end when the Duttons reach Yellowstone country and settle on the home place of the modern day Dutton family. It could follow with a season 2 &3 possible 4 with the progress of the Duttons up to the modern day family. There are great stories that could follow with the life challenges that the Duttons faced ending with the first episode of Yellowstone when Jon has the wreck with the truck and has to shoot his horse when he finds out that people are threating his ranch and kingdom by modern construction coming. Come on Mr Sheridan get your fans happy. Good westerns are hard to find no days.

  2. There is an error in this article. The 1883 Dutton family was coming from Tennessee — not Texas. James brought the wagon & met his family in the last stop available to him & that was in Texas — his family traveled from Tennessee to that stop in Texas.

  3. I love 1883 very much and hope there is another season. Even tho we don’t have paramount + and I will probably have to purchase it to watch the rest of the episodes(which I wish it came on another station like it said it did, Amazon prime for instance). I don’t care for all the cussing in Yellowstone and haven’t really watch many of the episodes or seasons. But it’s prequel is an amazing series! Please let their be more seasons of it. Someday maybe it will come on Netflix which I already pay for. I don’t have cable so it’s hard to watch this except on my phone. 1883 is one rare show that made me have to purchase paramount + just to watch it.

  4. How can the Duttons be escaping poverty when His daughter wears a bracelet with gold charms, he has money for hotel rooms, supplies. They do not seem to be short on cash.

    • I think they are escaping from the nightmares of the war for James Dutton ! Yes , Elsa having a gold bracelet tells us it is not poverty !

  5. I absolutely love 1883 and I cannot wait for episode 6 on January 30th to come out. I was very sad to see Ennis die in episode 5 and I believe Elsa will be pregnant. The cast is amazing and I love Sam Elliott and Faith Hill is such an amazing actress also. I hope there is a season 2,3 etc because this western is that good. I love Tim McGraw playing James Dutton and he is a great actor and him and Faith working together is phenomenal. Taylor Sheridan is so talented and has done such an awesome job with 1883. Also I cannot wait for YellowStone to come back on I believe this fall. I’m looking forward to 6666 coming out and I know this show will be awesome also.

  6. Of course there will be a season 2. We’re more than half way through season 1 and these folks are still in Texas. It’s going to take more than 4 episodes to make the other 80% of the journey.

  7. Surely there must be episodes 2…3…4… This saga is beyond outstanding!
    Hubby and I are totally addicted to this fabulous series! I am hopeful that we see many Emmys out of this series because they’d be well deserved!

  8. Best show I’ve seen since wagon train!! Absolutely worth it. My sister got me a smart tv and paramount plus for my bday because I love western stories and
    movies. Hopefully they will continue their journey up to Yellowstone. Characters are amazing but wished they hadn’t killed off Ennis so soon.

  9. I love this show my family can watch with me not as much cussing like in Yellowstone I hope there is more to come need some good western on Tv

  10. I’d love to see Elsa and Shea get together, I think this would be a strong couple, and hot together, he has the strength she needs and she has the passion❤️

    • are you serious. Elsa is like 18 yrs old and Shea is lold enough to be her grandfather. You must have something about very older men if you would like to see that happen, and it would be hot…..that is a very scary thought/

  11. This story is addictive. I find myself after every episode wanting to more about the actors and about what was going on in that part of the country during that time. I’m a day one watcher of Yellowstone because of Kevin Costner so it was only natural that I would want to know his family’s origin, plus i liked watching western movie as a kid. I couldn’t imagine that Sheridan would bring the viewers back in time with the Dutton’s kin to leave at a one & done, when we are at episode 7 and they haven’t made it to Origen/Montana yet.

  12. I loved loved loved 1883! You don’t very often see westerns anymore let alone great ones like 1883! The acting was great and the depiction of the harshness of the west during that time period is mastered in this series! Didn’t think it could be anywhere near Yellowstone in excellence, but it supersedes expectations! Sure hope there are many more seasons!

  13. I sure hope you have future seasons!
    1883 is fantastic and I’m not a western kinda gal. My husband and I
    Love the whole cast of talented actors.
    Please continue on!


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