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Why Yellowstone Prequel ‘1883’ is a Must Watch

Didn’t watch 1883? So, if you’re seeking for reasons to watch Yellowstone’s fantastic prequel, you’ve come to the right place. Before we get into the reasons why you should watch this brilliant series, let’s have a look at the show. So you can appreciate how intriguing it is.

‘1883,’ a prequel to ‘Yellowstone,’ chronicles the Dutton family as they escape poverty in Texas and travel through the Great Plains in searching for a better existence in Montana. The show is still ongoing, for your knowledge.

Why Should You Watch 1883?

For good reason, millions of viewers tune in each week to watch the ranching family drama. If you like watching ‘Yellowstone,’ which is actually the most successful series, you should absolutely watch 1883.

The main reason to watch this 1883 is that it will reveal countless stories to ‘Yellowstone’ watchers.

The Family

Sometimes it’s tough to predict if you will like a show’s family members, but in the case of 1883, you will. The family of 1883 is going through a lot, and they will actually face number of challenges.

But what matters at the end is ‘family’. To stick together, through thick and thin.

1883 Has A Good Start

Remember how slowly some viewers found Yellowstone to begin? That was certainly not the situation in 1883. ‘1883’ doesn’t struggle from the rough part; Sheridan authored an intelligent pilot with certain sharply-written discussion and great performances.

And you will love the show from starting itself. Once you started watching it, you will understand how fascinating it is.

A Glimpse At History

Want a glimpse at history? What renders 1883 particularly compelling is that, despite the weight and approaching threat, there is a continual reminder of why they are on this voyage.

You all know, this extremely cautious investigation of a portion of our history that’s gone forever that most of us haven’t compelled to recollect it. The sickness, the involvement of Black cowboys, the battle between colonizers and indigenous populations over land, and so much more. And 1883 actually gives us a glimpse at everything.

The Actors Of The Show

There’s everything to love about this show right? But what is most important? The actors, without a doubt; they make this show more intriguing.

Real-life couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill play James and Margaret Dutton, respectively, while Sam Elliott portrays Shea Brennan, a fierce cowboy with a tragic past. Isabel May, LaMonica Garrett, and Dawn Olivieri are among the other cast members.

Billy Bob Thornton will appear as a guest star, while Tom Hanks will make a brief appearance in a Civil War flashback sequence.

Did we persuade you to watch ‘1883’? Or have you already watched the show? If you’ve started watching it, do let us know what you think. And, in the comments section below, you can give us reasons from your opinion, why others should stream 1883.

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