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Why Did Madonna’s Biopic Starring Julia Garner Got Canceled?

Madonna’s biopic, which was to be directed by the “Queen of Pop” herself, got canceled and fans kept wondering why! As Madonna embarks on “The Celebration Tour”, it appears like the artist has got too much on her hands. While the cancellation of the much-awaited biopic comes as bittersweet for her fans, let’s delve into more details about it.

Why Is Madonna’s Biopic Cancelled…

Madonnna’s been working on her biopic since 2020, but sadly, she won’t be moving forward with it. Even though the Queen of Pop auditioned for multiple actresses for this film before selecting Julia Garner, the movie was put on ice for several bizarre reasons.

The latest report suggests that the reason behind this cancellation might have actually stemmed from a debate about the movie’s script. A close confidante of Madonna revealed in an interview that the “Frozen” star ran into creative differences while working with Universal Pictures.

“Basically, they don’t like it. They want it to be pop and light. Madonna wants something much grittier, and it’s come to a stalemate,” the source opened up. However, Madonna’s friend added that it doesn’t mean that the movie won’t see light, it just might not be with the same studio.

“She’d rather go to another studio than change the script. She still wants to make the film, but will now look at it again after the tour,” the source continued. “She’s keeping the same writers, but is aware that she might have to recast if the actors aren’t available.”

On the other hand, it was also reported that Madonna wants to focus all her energy on her new album. Besides this, it was also reported that the film was cancelled due to her upcoming The Celebration Tour, a world tour that will celebrate her catalogue of songs spanning four decades.

Madonna, A Mix Of Talent & Controversies

While we know music biopics definitely make it to the Oscars, Madonna’s biopic could undoubtedly do wonders on screen, especially after the success of the biopic Weird: The Al Yankovic Story. It goes without saying that the singer’s longstanding career has a lot to offer in terms of content.

From continuing to remain on the top, to come out strong from some of the harshest controversies, Madonna is truly a force in herself. Besides her various accolades, the star was ranked as the greatest woman in music by VH1, and as the greatest music video artist ever by MTV and BillboardRolling Stone also listed her among its greatest artists and greatest songwriters of all time.

Recently, Madonna was hit by a rather serious controversy after the Ethiopian World Federation (EWF) asked the Malawi government to look at her NGO, “Rising Malawi”. The 64-year-old pop star was accused of trafficking children from Malawi, through her non-profit organization, “Raising Malawi”.

Madonna’s NGO, “Raising Malawi”, which claims to support orphans and vulnerable children by providing health and educational programs, has come under the radar of the Malawi government. The pop star has been accused of using children for social experiments. On the other hand, Madonna claims that she has a soft spot for African kids.

Coming back to her biopic, Universal Films announced in 2020 that the film was under early development and brought on Madonna as co-writer and director. But again, the media house was already working on two films Blonde Ambition with Elyse Hollander writing the screenplay.

Even though Hollander’s script was praised by industry executives, it couldn’t please Madonna, and there it got indefinitely shelved. Of being the one to co-write and direct her own biopic, Madonna told in a previous interview: “I’ve had an extraordinary life, I must make an extraordinary film. It was also a preemptive strike because a lot of people were trying to make movies about me.

“Mostly misogynistic men. So I put my foot in the door and said, ‘No one’s going to tell my story but me,” she continued. While the film gets cancelled, there’s still a lot for Madonna’s fans to cheer! Grab your tickets for her upcoming world tour soon!

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