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12 Characters Who Have Lifted Thor’s Hammer

With Thor: Love and Thunder releasing in cinemas worldwide this June, find out who else has lifted Thor’s Hammer till now.

With Jane Foster appearing in the recent Thor: Love and Thunder with Mjolnir in hand. We look back at all the times characters other than Thor have lifted Mjolnir.

What is Mjolnir? The Mighty Thor’s Hammer

A weapon that is the bane of every enemy that has gone against the son of Odin and harms Asgard. Mjolnir is often portrayed as being Thor’s hammer and is always shown with the God of Thunder. But that is not the case every time.

Embedded with the enchantment by the Norse God, Odin. It reads: “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he is worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.”

While Mjolnir has always been closely related to Thor Odinson, he has shown multiple times that he is unworthy. During these times, many have held the power of Thor themselves by being recognised as worthy enough to lift the hammer.

Also, there have been times when the rules of the enchantment were twisted by a character to be able to hold the hammer. Whatever the case, these are some of the interesting characters to have lifted Thor’s hammer:

12. Red Hulk

Thaddeus Ross, the sworn enemy of one big green giant has gone one-on-one with a lot of superheroes. One of them being Thor Odinson. Having superhuman strength and being affected by the gamma rays has never been enough to lift the hammer. So what was it that Red Hulk used to lift Mjolnir? How was he able to lift the enchanted hammer without being worthy enough?

After Hulk had left the planet and his daughter was killed by Abomination, everything was taken from him. Ross had fallen into alcoholism but when M.O.D.O.K. and the Leader informed him about Banner’s return, a hope ignited in him.

Using the gamma particles from a fallen Hulk, the two transformed Ross into the Red Hulk who went on a rampage. When everyone wondered who this new Hulk might be, the Avengers went up against him. One such fight was with Thor Odinson.

In Hulk #5, we would see this fight go from the Earth to the Moon, but when Red Hulk was pummeling Thor, he did something unthinkable. Beating Thor with his hammer, Ross took the advantage of the gravity-less space that the Moon offered. And with a couple of swings, Ross was able to defeat the God of Thunder with his mighty weapon.

11. Ragnarok

A robot created by Iron Man in an attempt to boost his side with a mighty force with the help of Mister Fantastic and a Skrull undercover as Hank Pym. Having the DNA of Thor in his circuit, the robot regained Thor’s powers of superhuman strength and speed.

But one thing that was synthesized for the robot was a replica of Thor’s hammer. When he was released into the battlefield, he got rid of Goliath immediately and was able to crush the resistance with ease.

But when the real Thor and Captain Marvel come to annihilate the robot, the true faults of Iron Man’s creation are revealed. Defeating the robot with ease, Thor goes on to crush the replica of his mighty Mjolnir.

Since then, he was repaired to add to the strengths of the heroes. And once when Asgard is in danger, his warrior’s resolve calls him to save the planet that was responsible for his birth.

10. Awesome Andy

The android created by the Mad Thinker, is the spot boy for the villain. Doing anything and everything that The Mad Thinker wants from him, he has one of the most overpowered abilities in the universe.

With the power to absorb the powers of anyone he touches, Awesome Andy is a powerful threat to the Marvel heroes.

When the android goes against Thor, not only does he deliver a beating to the God of Thunder, but after absorbing his powers and abilities lifts Thor’s hammer. While this may be a loophole in the enchantment, it still counts as lifting Mjolnir.

9. Beta Ray Bill

A victim of Surtur’s many attempts at destroying everything in the distance, his fire nearly burned the colonies of Korbinites. Creatures from the Burning Galaxy decided to choose a champion among them, Beta Ray Bill. Given cybernetic enhancements, he became a force to be reckoned with.

With Surtur’s goons coming on their ship, Skuttlebutt, Beta had to fend them off one by one. As the ship reached the Milky Way, Thor was sent by Fury to check on the new intruders in the galaxy. But recognising Thor as an enemy, Skuttlebutt put Thor against the champion Bill.

Being defeated by the newly crowned champion, Bill picked up the hammer of Thor and received the powers of the Mighty Thor. As the ships land on Earth, Odin summons both of the warriors and puts them against each other to crown the new Thor.

But Odin tricked Thor to lose to check the worthiness of the warrior from another galaxy, making them fight in a lava-filled environment. Home advantage for Bill, he easily takes care of Thor and is granted a new hammer, Stormbreaker by Odin.

8. Wonder Woman

The massively epic crossover between DC and Marvel pitted heroes from both universes against one another. When Thor and Shazam went up against, Thor thought it was a good idea to disrupt Shazam’s lighting power. When he attempts to divert the huge thunderbolt, the hammer is flown away and Thor is defeated swiftly thereafter.

But when Mjolnir flies off, Wonder Woman comes around the mighty hammer. Reading the inscription and knowing about the enchantment, Diana picks up the hammer easily gaining the God of Thunder’s abilities.

On top of her powers as an Amazonian and her Themiscyra tools, she becomes the strongest around. But as if to test the worthiness of the warrior, she meets Storm who immediately goes into battle. But thinking that the hammer gives her an unfair advantage, she keeps her on the side.

While that may be a heroic thing to do, Diana loses in an instant after multiple thunderbolts by the strongest among the X-Men. When Diana and Thor meet in the climax of the comic, Thor is taken aback when she hands over Mjolnir.

7. Eric Masterson

A hero who took on the role of Thor, Eric met the God of Thunder on a construction site, when Thor was under disguise. Being injured and then on the brink of this life by Spider Man’s villains, he was saved when Odin put his consciousness in Thor.

Acting as a hero who helped the son of Odin on many adventures he was separated and merged with Thor multiple times. Until the fateful day when Heimdallr decided to separate them and exile Thor for killing Loki, his brother.

Now given the hammer to wield and taking upon the role of Thor himself, he fought everyone in Asgard to find where Thor had been sent to.  Fighting alongside Beta Ray Bill and Dargo Ktor, they were able to save Odin from Annihilus. Taking over the role of Thor, he fought in many battles of the Avengers, like this the Kree/Shi’ar war and Infinity Gauntlet storylines before being tricked by the Enchantress.

Under her influence, he picked a fight with Thor and lost his worthiness claim over Mjolnir. But as it was Enchantress’ fault he was given another weapon, this time a mace, transforming him into Thunderstrike.

6. Hulk

While the green giant is one of the strongest beings in the universe, it takes much more than that to lift Mjolnir. Even with his super strength and good deeds, he had always been unable to lift the hammer that brought lighting down from the sky.

But one unfortunate event would let Hulk use the mighty hammer without even lifting it. In a fashion that is consistent between all the versions of Hulk and Thor’s mighty hammer. They always use it to inflict damage upon the God of Thunder himself.

In a battle between Thor and Hulk, the green giant grabs hold of Thor’s hand, wielding Mjolnir and striking Thor continuously. Leaving the beautiful face of the son of Odin in a bloody mess.

5. Doctor Doom

When a deal with literal demons goes in a bad direction because of Reed Richards and Doctor Strange, Doctor Doom finds himself in Hell. Luckily for him, the hammer of Thor seemed to fall into the fiery place at the same time.

While on the surface world, Doom would never be able to lift the hammer. By strength, magic or science, nobody can explain his wrongdoings for decades, though he is a kind ruler. Here in the deepest pits of hell, the enchantment of Odin seems to have lost all its power.

With relative ease, not only does Doom lift the hammer he wields it around and finds his escape from hell. But as soon as he reaches Earth, he goes on to hunt for the hammer. Thinking that it had chosen Doom as its rightful wielder. Little did he know that he would be pummeled by the forces of the Fantastic Four and Doctor Strange on this quest.

4. Silver Surfer

In an alternate story where Thanos wins and becomes the ruler of everything, aptly named Thanos Wins, we see the fallen one rise from the ashes of his comrades. Wielding the hammer that brings forth lightning, it is not the son of Odin but the Herald of Galactus, the Siver Surfer.

Being one of the only remaining heroes who could go against the might of Thanos, Silver Surfer knows he won’t be able to defeat the Mad Titan, let alone two of them. So decides to roam around the universe in an attempt to prove his worthiness.

When he is finally able to lift Mjolnir, he gains the power of the God of Thunder. After picking up the hammer he calls himself the Fallen One. In a court consisting of two Thanos and Hulk as a guarding dog. In addition to having Cosmic Ghost Rider at his neck and call. Silver Surfer had to defeat a lot of foes to bring peace back to the world.

In a matter of seconds, Surfer can defeat Cosmic Ghost Rider, revert Banner to his calm form and go up against the two Thanos. But even the power of the hammer fused with the Power Cosmic was not enough to defeat the Mad Titans.

3. Venom

One of the most recent storylines on this list, the King of Black storyline had some of the best character writing and story arcs in Marvel’s comic book history. With Knull, an old entity symbolising darkness coming to take over the universe. Venom the symbiote who is an offspring of the king of the darkness steps up his game to match the entity with the Enigma Force.

In the last fight against Knull, Venom takes hold of Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir and Silver Surfer’s Power Cosmic imbued Surfboard to beat Knull. In an epic clash that sees Venom combining the two weapons to create the best-looking war axe ever, it is an amazing moment.

But why would the symbiote be able to lift Thor’s hammer? The answer to that is complicated as no one in the comics has explained this occurrence. It is all speculation but the logical reasoning would be that it is not Venom holding it but the Enigma Force.

The force that symbolises light in the universe is being as old as the universe itself, so an enchantment by a nobody like Odin would not work against the ancient forces. But thinking that Venom was able to redeem himself enough to be worthy of the hammer adds to the emotional arc of Venom in this story arc.

2. Loki

While Loki has lifted Thor’s hammer on many occasions through various forms of mischievousness and tricks. There is one instance where the God of Mischief lifts the hammer while being completely worthy and honest to the enchantments put by the Allfather Odin.

In the AXIS storyline when the Avengers and X-Men formed a mismatched team to fight Red Skull. A spell by Scarlet Witch and Doctor Doom was released to save the planet. The spell in question did the unthinkable, inversing the morality of everyone involved.

This led to Thor and Loki trading places for the first time. Loki keeps chasing Thor so as to not let him return to Earth and kill innocent lives. During this struggle, they stumble upon Mjolnir which the Mighty Thor tries to pick up but fails.

And in a rush of anger and insults, Thor keeps boiling up Loki’s anger. Loki stops him by picking up the hammer itself and swinging it right back at the God of Thunder in an attempt to shut him down. But the battle stops midway as Scarlet Witch reversed the spell, making Loki unworthy of the hammer again.

And after telling Thor that he was worthy of the hammer, the God of Thunder dismisses his claim instantly. While Loki being worthy might be true, he also tricked both Deadpool and Storm to obtain Mjolnir for themselves. And these are just some of the times when Loki used Mjolnir as a nuisance to Thor.

1. Jane Foster

Now for the character that has sparked us to write this article in the first place. Jane Foster might not be the first one to lift Mjolnir. But she is the most popular Thor in the Marble fanbase. Let’s look at her story from the comics and try to speculate what might be the case for MCU’s Jane Foster.

While being afflicted with breast cancer, a trait of her mother Jane was close to dying. Thor had been deemed unworthy of Mjolnir which was stuck on the moon. But sensing Jane’s troubles the hammer reached out to provide help.

And after multiple requests, Jane gave in to them, and when the hammer found Jane it was a match made in heaven. Saving her from cancer, she gained the powers and abilities of the son of Odin.

Speculations for Thor: Love and Thunder

The MCU has never been one to go with the same story as that in the comics. They tend to get a little creative and branch out from the norm. So there’s no way that Jane would go the same route. But seeing as Mjolnir was destroyed and stayed on New Asgard land, it might be looking for a new wielder.

Over the 5 year blip, we saw that Thor became more and more unworthy to hold the hammer. And now that he has lost his path, searching for his new calling. Mjolnir just might reach out to Jane again.

The absence of Jane Foster in Thor: Ragnarok was noticed in the movie itself. Just as an easter egg comment gets thrown in most Marvel movies. It was revealed that Thor and Jane had broken up.

But seeing as the world needs another Thor to fight cosmic beings like the Celestials or the time-travelling Kang. Jane seems like the best option for the moniker of Thor to return.

You can watch Thor: Love and Thunder trailer right here. Witness how much of a badass Jane Foster looks in her first appearance as the Mighty Thor:

Sylvie, a female Loki introduced into the MCU and Darcy Lewis, Jane’s old companion joined the effort with Monica. The stage looks set for a better representation of female superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And this is the movie where Mjolnir will find its rightful wielder. For a more detailed look into the trailer go to The Teal Mango.

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