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Who Is Queen Bee And Why Was She Arrested?

A social media influencer, who goes by the name Queen Bee, has recently been arrested about blackmail charges. The influencer is known for posting various dance and lipsync videos. A recent video of her arrest is going viral and netizens are wondering if her arrest is real or a hoax. Here’s what exactly happened.

Who Is Queen Bee?

TikTok star Queen Bee, who goes by the handle @queen_bee_official, is known for her viral lipsync and dance videos. The social media influencer has more than 215k followers on TikTok. Her videos are usually dedicated to tutorials, product reviews, personal Vlogs, hauls, and more.

While not many personal details are available about her, it appears that she was born in Italy. Recently, it is reported that Queen Bee is having some serious issues with her ex-boyfriend, who goes by the handle @dr.rozersandhu25. A video of her arrest has gone viral, and fans are wondering if the cops are real.

Why Is Queen Bee Arrested?

A recent viral video, which Queen Bee originally shared during a live stream, showcases multiple police officers entering her home. During the video, she can be heard saying to the officer, I’m recording everything, for my own evidence.” Thereafter, the officers can be heard alleging the social media star for blackmail.

One of the officers says, “You’re going to be under arrest for blackmail and revenge porn.” At this point, Queen Bee stopped the recording. It has come out that the drama is all about her ex-boyfriend, who claims that he will handle everything legally.

It has come out that Queen Bee allegedly blackmailed ex-boyfriend @dr.rozersandhu25. In a live stream, she reportedly asked for money and even asked for apologies. Rozer claimed that she exposed him, making multiple claims. Not only this, but she also shared Rozer’s private part’s image on Snapchat.

In response to this arrest, Rozer came forward with a TikTok video on April 17, 2023, where he discusses his course of action. Rozer said in his video that he will deal with everything “legally”, claiming that the social media user has impacted his career and life.

It turns out that her ex-boyfriend is a doctor if we go by his handle name. He also confirmed that he would not be talking with the police until he consults his lawyer. In the end, Rozer revealed that he is “still waiting” for the police to contact him.

He also urged his followers to submit necessary “evidence” they may possess of Queen Bee’s alleged crimes. Nothing related to this bizarre incident has been updated yet. Keep reading for more updates on this drama.

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