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Who is Juliana Nalú? Identity of Mystery Woman Seen with Kanye West Revealed

Amid all the backlash he is facing for his statements on social media, Kanye West seems to have found a new companion. The 45 year old rapper was recently spotted leaving a restaurant in Santa Monica with a mystery woman.

The woman’s identity has now been revealed as a model named Juliana Nalú. The model’s recent Instagram posts feature her supporting Kanye’s Yeezy products, including YZY sunglasses. Here is everything we know about Juliana Nalú.

Kanye West Photographed with Juliana Nalú in California

The Donda rapper was photographed with Juliana as they left Giorgio Baldi, a celebrity-favorite restaurant in Santa Monica, California, on Saturday, October 8. The duo then headed straight to a clothing warehouse.

The pair were seen twinning waring gay attire, as the model rocked a short, cutout dress with black boots and the fashion designer supported an Adidas sweatshirt. Both were wearing caps featuring ‘2024’, fueling the speculations of Kanye running for the presidential elections. 

On October 10, Juliana posted a selfie on her Instagram story, again wearing the ‘2024’ cap. It is unclear for how long Ye and Juliana have known each other and if they are just friends or more than that. 

However, the Brazilian model’s latest Instagram posts do suggest her bonding with the rapper. In one of the photos, she is seen wearing YZY SHDZ sunglasses. In another post, she is sitting outside a cafe as Kanye’s I Wonder plays in the background.

Who is Juliana Nalú?

Juliana Nalú is Brazilian model from Rio de Janeiro. She is pretty famous on Instagram with more than 450k followers and keeps posting photos in scintillating dresses, from crop tops to swimsuits.

Nalú wanted to be a model ever since she was six years old. Her parents separated when she was very young. Nalú lived with her mother but continued to remain in touch with her father and three-half siblings.

The model had recently opened up about her career and struggles in a recent interview and said, “I wanted to do big things outside of Brazil, but I had no idea how to… the dream sounded too far for me, but I knew that I could try to reach [it].”

“The visibility I have now is a privilege, I want the world to see a Brazilian from Rio, the favelas. Good things exist there. So, for the next girls who come after me, the [industry] will be more open,” she added.

Kanye is Under Fire for his Anti-Semitic Statements

Kanye West has been making a lot of headlines over the last few days, and not for the right reasons. He first faced backlash for openly supporting ‘White Lives Matter’ by wearing a t-shirt with the slogan to his Yeezy Fashion Show at Paris Fashion Week. The rapper then ranted against everyone who opposed his views on Instagram.

Ye did not stop here and went on to post anti-semitic comments in a tweet. He wrote he was “going death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE,” and “I can’t be anti-Semitic because black people are actually Jew also,” in his tweet before deleting it.

While others are criticizing the rapper for his comments, it looks like Juliana Nalú has decided to stick by him through thick and thin.

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