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Who is Jackson Mahomes? TikTok Star Drawing Media Attention Everywhere

Jackson Mahomes, 21 doesn’t draw so much attention just because he is the brother of one of the best athletes in the United States. Jackson is a social media personality. Oh yes, he is a Tiktoker.

Why does he get this much media attention? Well, the internet star himself is frustrated. In February, Jackson posted an Instagram story revealing his frustration.

He wrote that the media is destroying him. So why so much media attention and who exactly is he? Let’s get to know.

Who is Jackson Mahomes

Jackson Mahomes, 21 is the younger brother of Cheif’s quarterback Patrick Mahomes. He was born on May 15, 2000, and currently showcases his life on his Instagram account. He is also a Tiktok star with over 3.5 million followers.

He studied at the Whitehouse High School, Texas. He is a star athlete. One of his basketball videos got viral. Oh, the boy’s got great skills! He is an awesome shooter who can take shots from range.


Jackson is known to film Tiktok videos during his brother’s games and especially got into the news during the Chief’s Super Bowl. In one video, he showed off his dribbling and tossed a pass to himself off the backboard before slamming it right in the ring.

Jackson’s net worth stands at a whopping $10 million. The boy is just 21! Jackson revealed in one of the blogs that his Youtube Channel and Tiktok have helped him move out of his brother’s shadow.

Now, people recognize him as a Tiktok star and not Patrick Mahomes brother. FYI, he loves his brother and shares amicable relations with Patrick. Moreover, he loves his sister-in-law Brittany Matthews and frequently makes reels with her.

Why so much media?

Jackson catered so much media attention for his Tiktok videos due to two reasons. One, he is talented and second, he is controversial. The 21-year-old star is so famous that he over-shadowed Justin Beiber.

Yes, you heard me right. Jackson Mahomes has a plethora of fans at Crypto.com Arena where Beiber’s concert was happening. Fans bombarded him for selfies. Jackson, however, was polite and fulfilled everyone’s requests. Well, Mahomes had a great time at JB’s concert as he danced his ass off.

So you must be wondering why is he so famous. Well, let me tell you

  • He became a polarizing figure for spilling one of the ravens’ fans and received a lot of backlash for it.  Jackson didn’t stop here, he danced on a tribute to the late NFL legend, Sean Taylor. He even stepped on a logo. Now that’s too much.

  • Jackson also got in a tiff with a local K.C. bar for clout-chasing. Wait, there’s more. He also got accused of scamming a care package out of a snack company. Jackson, however, publically denied these accusations.

  • Mahomes became a victim of another embarrassment while his time in Vegas was captured getting denied for a kiss by a blonde woman. Jackson’s critics took over him and started accusing him of sexual assault.

  • Jackson again catered to media attention when rumours aired that Patrick asked Brittany Matthews and Jackson to stop attending his games because of their inappropriate behaviour. Well, the big brother did come forward to shut down these rumours.
  • Jackson was spotted snorting some substance during a concert in Independence, Missouri in December. He appeared dazed just after that. We don’t know if he was snorting something.

The Blame Game

Holding onto fame is not easy. It comes with its share of problems. In times when paparazzi continue to hover over a celebrity’s every move, maintaining one’s reputation is a herculean task.

That’s what has happened with Jackson Mahomes. He shot to fame in such a short period, but the young star is facing difficulties due to some of his actions. His Instagram stories and posts reveal his condition well.

Jackson Mahome blamed the media for destroying his life amid this ongoing scrutiny. And, it doesn’t stop at him, Brittany Matthews is an equal victim of media scrutiny amid her husband’s NFL fame. Both have been victims of numerous negative tweets.

Early this year, Brittany Matthews posted a video celebrating the Chief’s overtime victory over the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Divisional Round. The video revealed that she was being attacked over by someone. She tweeted after this incident that she wishes to do whatever she wants without being attacked over.

Some people even crossed limits as they trolled Brittany Matthews and Jackson Mahomes after Partick’s Chiefs got eliminated by Cincinnati Bengals in the conference championship. They blamed the two for the Chiefs’ loss. Now, that is not fair.

Jackson Mahome and his sister-in-law have portrayed some negative antics in the past few months. As for Jackson, he is both talented and controversial. However, one thing is clear. He is frustrated with all the negative media attention. Do you like Jackson Mahomes? Let us know your thoughts about him.

I am Mallika Singh, a lawyer and writer by profession. Writing gives me a sense of freedom and independence. I am a keen observer and an ardent reader. When not at work, you can find me at the stable. Horse riding is another passion that keeps me going.


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