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Who is Armadillo on ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 7?

The Masked Singer costumes are filthy expensive and Season 7 is taking the costume game to the next level. From Hydra’s three-headed look to Armadillo’s rocky personality, designers take months to prepare these costumes.

Armadillo appeared on yesterday’s show in a heavy costume with golden fringe and heavy boots. The Team Good contestant dazzled the judges by singing “Secret Agent Man” by Johnny Rivers. Let us figure out who is behind the mask.

About The Masked Singer

For those who haven’t even watched “The Masked Singer”, let me enlighten you. The American singing reality show is based on the Korean format “King of Mask Singer”. The performers are all celebrities who enter the stage in vibrant costumes from tip to toe.

The contestants’ identities are concealed from the host, panellists, audiences and other contestants until they are finally eliminated. This is the seventh season of the popular American show. Lemur’s identity was revealed yesterday as supermodel Christie Brinkley. The Lemur got eliminated following a series of events related to her costume and choice of song.

Armadillo’s costume

Armadillo was seen wearing a heavily armoured costume that was covered with golden fringe. He also wore some massive chunky boots. Last month, Armadillo landed flat on the ground while trying some kicking manoeuvre during the shooting of this televised show.  However, not much damage was caused to his expensive costume.

About the Clues

Armadillo explained several clues to the panel judges that reflected on his identity. He rocked the stage with his performance of “Secret Agent Man” from the 60s rock’n’roll star Johnny Rivers. Armadillo explained his identity by saying, “I grew up craving scrapping and singing.”

  • Men in Black all wearing sunglasses
  • Beef Cake
  • Grilling hot dogs
  • A toy bow and arrow
  • The statement “grew up craving scrapping and singing”

Who is Armadillo?

There is a possibility that it could be our favourite David Schwimmer from Friends. Remember when Ross makes an appearance as Holiday Armadillo? The panel judges guessed it could be Chuk Norris, Erik Estrada or Vin Diesel. Have a look at who thinks what:

Ken Jeong – Ken thinks it’s the action movie star, Chuck Norris.

Nicole Scherzinger – She believes it’s C.H.I.P.S. star Erik Estrada.

Jenny McCarthy – Jenny thinks it’s Vin Diesel, I don’t know why?

I do not think that it’s Vin Diesel because the star surely does not likes to grill hot dogs. Honestly, Armadillo has played well with such cryptic clues while successfully hiding his true identity. However, the above guesses can be of importance to understanding who exactly is this hard-plated Armadillo.

One fan took to Twitter and said, it’s dog the bounty hunter, I mean, Duane Lee Chapman. Have a look at this tweet. Many fans are speculating that Armadillo could be Chris Jericho, Sylvester Stallone or Daniel Craig.

I must confess that Armadillo did a good job keeping his identity a suspicion all this time. Spoiler Alert! have a feeling that it could be David Schwimmer from Friends. Well, that is just a guess and I am not too sure. Help me out with this. What do you think?

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