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Who Dies in Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2? Full List is Here

The second volume of Stranger Things’ fourth season was equally amazing just like previous seasons at making us cry over the deaths. The following information contains spoilers.

The story of season 4 showed that vecna was defeated because of max’s favorite music. But it was not the music that defeated vecna. It was max’s inner will to survive and live her life again. Vecna targets people who have some guilt in their life and have lost all hopes.

The tone of the series got darker, and new character arcs and storylines were included but still, it stuck to its roots. It revealed mysteries we never imagined.

And just as exciting as volume 2 was building, it has returned. But with sadness. This part was equally emotional as every episode of Stranger Things.

Are you wondering about which characters bid goodbye in only these four-hour episodes? Remember that it was your choice, and we are no one to blame for ruining your suspense, haha.

The List Of Characters That Died In Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 

Let’s explore characters who died or who are not technically dead in season 4 volume 2 of Stranger Things.

1. Max Mayfield

Despite not being one of the original Stranger Things characters, Max has continued to gain prominence since her debut in season 2.

Becoming an integral member of the gang and a key component of the show’s emotional core especially because of her connections with Lucas Sinclair and Eleven.

The character was important to Stranger Things Season 4, volume 1. Especially because she was Vecna’s target and use Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” to survive [A Deal With God].

This is continued in Stranger Things Season 4, volume 2, as Vecna once more has Max on her radar. As she makes an effort to lure him outside so that she may murder him.

Unfortunately, the course of events is reversed. Max does pass away in the conclusion of volume 2, but only for a little over a minute, while Vecna is able to survive.

Her heart stopped beating after being swallowed by Vecna, hoisted into the air, and having her limbs shattered, but Eleven was able to utilize her abilities to resurrect her from within Max’s head.

The onslaught by Vecna leaves Max blinded, with damaged limbs, and finally in a coma from which she may never awaken, which is where her tale is left off in the conclusion of Stranger Things Season 4, volume 2.

2. Dr. Brenner/Papa

Brenner is the kind of villainous primary adversary whose death you can see in movies and TV series. We weren’t ready to believe that a Demogorgon attacked him before [allegedly] mauling him to death off-screen.

Not when the bodies of every other character that perishes on the show are so openly displayed.

But we must admit a good thing. That after Dr. Brenner’s return, Eleven was able to regain her powers. But eventually, he was meant to be dead in season 4, Volume 2.

In the eighth episode of volume 2, the character said goodbye to the show. As always, Eleven sought to leave the lab in the episode in order to save her “beloved companions.”

Brenner, however, crossed her path and interfered with her plans. Even if Eleven battles him using her abilities, he was still able to inject something into her and force her to lie on the bed once more.

When the soldiers invaded the bunker, however, the two seemed to be fighting less. Men in a helicopter open fire on the duo as Dr. Brenner flees holding Eleven in his arms to protect her. Brenner is hit once before the men open fire again and again on him.

After Eleven bids Brenner a heartfelt farewell and departs with Mike and company, we have our final view of Brenner. As he appears to die of his wounds and passes away in the desert.

3. Eddie Munson

“I Mean, Look At Us, We Are Not Heroes.”

Eddie did make this statement, and in a way, he was right since he died as more than just a hero.

As we all know, our heroes always devise a strategy to kill the bad guy, and this time, Eddie played a crucial role. Eddie and Dustin were given the task of distracting the bats as Nancy, Robin, and Steve decided to go to and burn Vecna.

This was a really enjoyable experience as Eddie distracted the bats through his guitar by playing Metallica’s “Master of Puppets.” The bats were able to block their path, but then things became more difficult than they had anticipated.

The demonic bats were shown knocking on their door as Dustin and Eddie sought to escape to their real-world using that rope. Dustin was successfully able to escape, but Eddie had other plans.

Eddie cut the rope and walked outside to perform one more battle and save the Hawkins people who actually despised him. This time, instead of running when the evil bats attacked, our Eddie battled bravely until, sadly, he died in Dustin’s arms.

We think everyone who really liked Eddie’s character relates to him in some way or admires how he was socially different and it didn’t bother him. He was a comfortable character to those who knew he was a sweet guy despite his cynicism towards society.

Some people are like, “Why didn’t Eddie just go with Dustin? He could have escaped.”

To those people, Eddie could not go back. He was a wanted criminal who was thought to kill someone. Eddie had to do this, he had to show that he was fearless and why he was the leader of hellfire. And the saddest part is that he’s not even recognized as a hero for his sacrifice.

Eddie Munson was a hero, and that is how he will always be remembered.

4. Jason Carver

As is well known, this popular guy accused Eddie of killing Chrissy Cunningham, his beloved girlfriend. Our heroes were engaged in battle when this obnoxious fellow had to interfere.

The basketball player suspected that because Lucas was with Max in the Creel home and Max was in Vecna’s care, Lucas was attempting to perform a Satanic ritual with Max, much as he and Eddie did with Jason’s girlfriend.

After a physical altercation between Jason and Lucas, the metaphorical dam dividing the Upside Down and the real world bursts, violently splitting Creel House in two, and Jason’s goodbye from the show.

Only if Jason had some common sense would he have been a more admirable person. We now understand why the show’s creators gave so much attention to his character from the beginning.

Though, if he had to die in the end. He might make a comeback in season 5, perhaps in the role of the main villain. That’s just assumptions.

Stranger things season 4 had a lot of content this time that even an essay would not be enough to cover. With multiple stories going on, the season 4 story didn’t make you lose your attention. And also it didn’t let you miss any of the clues which we think is the best part of watching any series.

The story also talked about sensitive topics like teenage issues, depression, and bullying and also gives a hint about a lot of things.

No moment had arrived when we felt the urge to skip the part. It was all captivating and spell-bounding from the beginning to the end.

Though in the first episode of season 4, it was moving a little slow which was needed to build the background. It reached a perfect pace soon.

What do you think of the Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 characters who passed away? Were there any that you personally liked? What do you think about the season 4 ending?  Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below.

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