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White Noise Soundtrack: Every Song Featured in the Film

The soundtrack of a film is a defining factor of a film and its narrative. Often, the original score of the film goes a long way in defining the genre of the film, but for a film like White Noise which cannot be put under the purview of one particular genre, the original score became all the more important.

The opportunity to create something that is out of the box and yet relevant and contemporary. The White Noise soundtrack will be remembered over the years as all 21 songs in the film are unique in their own way, while they set the perfect ambiance for a film that is set amidst a chemical leak.

White Noise Soundtrack

The list of songs in White Noise is as follows:

  1. Waves and Radiation
  2. Duel Lecture
  3. Me First
  4. Airborne Toxic Event
  5. Chew Gum or Smoke
  6. Toxic Chemicals
  7. Highway Disaster
  8. We’re Late
  9. Teddy Bear
  10. Up There
  11. Terribly Sad Moment
  12. Panic
  13. Trash
  14. You Shot You
  15. Bad Dream
  16. Lost in the Kitchen
  17. Wrap Up
  18. Finding Mink
  19. The Cloud Is Coming
  20. Sunrise
  21. Nebulous Mass

Apart from the above tracks, a single titled New Body Rhumba was recorded and released separately on September 30. However, it was not included in the original soundtrack.

Who has Composed the Soundtrack for White Noise?

The soundtrack has been composed by Danny Elfman, who has been riding a wave of success after Doctor Strange’s music was appreciated. White Nosie marks the first collaboration between Elfman and Noah Baumbacch, and the composer’s association with the project was revealed in the month of August.

Talking about the film, Elfman said that it was ‘completely obvious to me that it was one of those projects that come along every now and then where there’s no genre to indicate what type of music it should be.’

I like being out of my comfort zone, and I was way out of my comfort zone that night [performing at Coachella] and that’s good for me. I know I can write film scores forever, but I [can] get too comfortable doing that. When you’re an artist, comfort is death in its own way. You’ve got to force yourself out [of that], if you want to stay alive,he added.

The Soundtrack has been Nominated for Several Awards

The music offers the necessary unpredictability required for a film of this kind. The audience goes through a roller coaster of emotions, and the music appropriately complement the film.

In November 2022, New Body Rhumba was nominated for Best Original Song in a Feature Film in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. The score was also nominated for Best Original Score in a Feature Film in the same awards.

The theme of the film came out just a day before its released and was titled Duel Lecture. When it came to the writing of the song, Elfman was really complimented by the writing of the soundtrack as it kept the essence of classical and also complimented the delivery of Adam Driver’s speech.

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