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Where To Watch Demon Slayer 2 in English Dub or Subtitles?

Finally, the dark fantasy anime is back with another season. Since the fans adored the first season of Demon Slayer, Ufotable didn’t delay animating the second one. Here, we’ll be briefing you about all the details regarding Demon Slayer Season 2. Hopefully, at the end of this article, you’ll know where to watch season 2 and what to expect from it.


Where to Watch Demon Slayer Season 2?

Returning with a second season, Demon Slayer is awe-inspiring to multiple viewers. Featuring the Mugen Train Arc and The Entertainment District Arc, Season 2 will likely have 18 Episodes. While the first seven episodes covered the Mugen Train Movie, the Entertainment District Arc begins from Episode 8. Hence, you can view the second season from episode 8 onwards.

Nevertheless, Demon Slayer Season 2 is available on multiple streaming platforms. Since the anime is globally popular, several platforms have opted to stream the anime. However, the most likely platforms that are streaming the second season in the US are VRV, Funimation, and Crunchyroll. Moreover, Netflix also has the rights to stream the anime in Japan and some other countries.

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Demon Slayer Season 2 English Dub?

Undoubtedly, the anime is available as an English sub. In comparison, the English Dubs often take quite a lot of time. Sadly, there isn’t any platform that is streaming the anime in English dub. However, the first seven episodes of the anime cover the Mugen Train arc. Hence, you can enjoy the first half of Demon Slayer Season 2 while watching Demon Slayer: The Mugen Train.

Demon Slayer: The Mugen Train is available for Funimation subscribers. Moreover, you can officially buy the movie from Amazon ($14.99), Google Play ($14.99), YouTube ($14.99), Microsoft ($14.99), Vudu ($12.99), and Apple TV ($14.99).

Lastly, the second season will likely get an English dub version from February 2022.

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More About Demon Slayer

Kimetsu no Yaibe or commonly known as Demon Slayer is an adventure, dark fantasy anime that revolves around demons and demon slayers corps. While the former group plays the antagonist, the latter focuses on eradicating them.

Tanjiro Kamado is a hard-working young boy. Being the eldest of five siblings, Tanjiro strives by selling firewood. Sadly, a certain demon massacres away his family while he was outselling firewood. Fortunately, Nezuko (Tanjiro’s Sister) survives. However, Nezuko turns into a demon. Hence, in order to turn his sister back to a human, and save innocent people from demons, Tanjiro enrolls as a Demon Slayer.

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The first season was a global hit in 2019. With 26 Episodes, Season 1 covered arcs to the Rehabilitation Training Arc. Moreover, the franchise released a movie in 2020 that featured the Muden Train Arc. Demon Slayer Season 2 is set to reintroduce the Mugen Train Arc and cover up the Entertainment District Arc.

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The Entertainment District Arc:

Since most of us have already seen the Mugen Train movie, the limelight for Demon Slayer season 2 is The Entertainment District Arc. Featuring one of the nine Hashiras, Tengen Uzui (The Sound Hashira) enters the entertainment district.

Since the district runs without any proper documentation, the cases of missing women have risen exponentially. Hence, with the help of Tanjro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu, Uzui is set to unravel the secrets.

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