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Where Is Yellowstone Season 5 Filmed? All The Scenic Locations Revealed

Yellowstone returned with its fifth season recently and is already being loved by the audiences. The neo-Western drama follows the lives of Dutton family, who own an ancestral ranch, the largest one in Montana. The family faces several challenges in protecting the ranch due to the ever-changing socio-political environment.

The premise of the show demands some picturesque shooting locations, including the lush green ranch. Looking at the scenic visuals in the show, fans are now wondering where Yellowstone season 5 was filmed. Well, we have got you covered!

Yellowstone Season 5 Filming Locations

The new season of the Paramount show was primarily filmed in Montana and Texas. The cameras started rolling in June 2022 in Missoula, and the first schedule wrapped up in September of the same year. Now let’s have a look at all the filming locations for Yellowstone season 5.

Ravalli County, Montana

A major portion of Yellowstone has been shot in Ravalli County, Montana, from the very first season, and season 5 was no different. The location houses the Dutton family’s iconic log cabin, which s actually a 5,000-square ft mansion situated near the town of Darby.

As for the Yellowstone ranch, the Chief Joseph Ranch at 125 Appaloosa Trail in Bitterroot Valley near Darby is utilized as the location. The place has now become a tourist attraction following the show’s success. 

Series star Kevin Costner said about the location, “On the ranch, we’re actually filming where it’s actually set. It’s almost like the most central character. You step outside and you see running horses and men working and the weather dictates what you do.” 

Apart from the ranch, the shooting also took place in other parts of the county, including Corvallis, a census-designated place, the Richard Cromwell Memorial Rodeo Grounds, and in Hamilton, the county seat.

The production of the show has resulted in a major economic boost for the small towns in Montana. Hamilton Mayor Dominic Farrenkopf appreciated the cast and crew of the show for their contribution to the region’s economic progress, and also praised them in an interview for their working style and politeness.

Missoula County, Montana

Just like Ravalli County, Missoula County in Montana has also served as the production location for the show for many seasons. The cast and crew make recurring appearances in the county to shoot some portions of the show.

For the fifth season, many scenes featuring Kevin Costner were shot at the Missoula County Courthouse, which is situated at 200 West Broadway in Downtown Missoula. Some parts were also filmed at a popular restaurant, Missoula Club, at 139 West Main Street. Other sequences were taped at Ryman Street, Main Street, and Howard Raser Drive.

Venus, Texas

In fall this year, the production team was spotted in Venus, a small town in Texas situated in the Johnston and Ellis counties. The filming took place in the downtown area and the town square.

The cast also filmed at a local café in Parker County, Texas, named Mary’s Brazos Cafe. The owner of the cafe revealed that he was surprised by the production team’s visit, adding, “The street on the other side was lined up with my customers watching and trying to see what was going on. It was awesome.”

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