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Where Is The Cast Of ‘The Office’ Now?

It has been around 17 years since the American version of the popular The Office premiered. All these years later, the sitcom is still quite popular, it also keeps making appearances as popular memes like Michael Scott’s legendary ‘NO!’ meme.

While the last season was full of unexpected turns, the end of the series left most of us in tears. But what happened to the cast after that? Did any of them go on to do greater things or was The Office the best thing that happened to them? Where are they now?

Let’s find out!

Include Oscar and Kevin’s shoutout things and their appearances etc.

Michael Scott (Steve Carell)

Michael Scott, the founder of the “that’s what she said” jokes was a lovable character although his antics were infuriating at times.

Did you know that season 1 of the series had not done so well and Steve Carrell’s acting career was in a dark spot? A lot was riding on season 2 and then the show took off and went on to become one of the most loved sitcoms ever!

Jenna Fischer, who played Pam Beesly on the show said that younger fans of the show walk up to her and tell her that she looks like the older version of Pam! How cute is that?

After Steve Carell left the show in season 7, he continued to do well in the world of acting. Carell went on to star in successful and memorable movies like The Big Short, Crazy Stupid Love, Beautiful Boy, Date Night, etc. He is now looked upon as a talented actor with impeccable comic timing.

Jim Halpert (John Krasinski)

Can you believe that Jim Halpert was Krasinski’s first acting gig and that he had almost given up on acting? In an interview, he said that he had called his mother to come to pick him up and said that he was done with acting. But she suggested that he wait it out a couple of months more and that is when The Office happened. Talk about fate!!

Krasinski went on to have one of the most successful acting careers from that show. After the show, he went on to star in A Quiet Place, A Quiet Place 2 (he also directed both movies), Bojack Horseman, and the famous Jack Ryan.

He also married Emily Blunt (which is a win in itself) and has two cute daughters with her! Just last year, Krasinski debuted as Mr. Fantastic in Doctor Strange. He is living the dream and we are here for it!

Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute)

Does he still grow beets? Does he still love Battlestar Galactica? While Mr. Schrute went on to fulfill his dream of becoming the Manager, and growing beets, what happened to Rainn Wilson?

He went on to star opposite Jason Statham in The Meg, and also appeared on Solar Opposites and American Adventure. He is also known for his role as Lex Luthor in Justice League but fans still love him as the old Dwight Schrute!

Recently, he interviewed the singer Billie Eilish. She claims to be the biggest The Office fan and he quizzed her on it. She did very well and Wilson was impressed too but Mr. Dwight Schrute may have different opinions.

Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer)

Pam Beesly, the receptionist from The Office went on to live a happy and fulfilled life and so did Jenna Fischer who played Pam on the show. She starred in You, Me and the Apocalypse and also appeared in Splitting Up Together.

But perhaps her most successful venture has been as a podcast host of The Office. She started the podcast with her best friend Angela Kinsey who played the role of snobby Angela in The Office!!

Remember that episode where Pam gave birth to her daughter and the doctor was helping her breastfeed the baby as Jim got evidently uncomfortable? That doctor was Pam’s real-life husband!! The bloopers from that scene are hilarious.

 Andy Burnard (Ed Helms)

The Nard Dog wanted to be famous, and although that dream might have kept him awake at night, Ed Helms did not have the same problem. Although his character on the show took an unforeseen turn towards the end of the show and spiraled downwards, Ed Helms continued to do well in his life.

After The Office ended, he starred in the famous Hangover movies, Drunk History and Rutherford Falls. Did you know that he was the one who voiced Kyle on the famous Bojack Horseman? This means that he ended up working with Krasinski again!

Angela Martin (Angela Kinsey)  

Angela Kinsey played the snobby character (also called Angela) so well that most of us believed her to be an uptight, cat-loving and people-hating person in real life, but she is the opposite of that! She is a very likable person in real life who smiles often, unlike on-screen Angela!

She recently appeared in Netflix’s Tall Girl, where the show followed the story of a tall girl and how her height made her “oppressed”.

Apart from her work in The Office, she is famously known for being the co-host of the show The Office, which she hosts with her best friend Jenna Fischer (Pam Beesly). Also, she did admit to being “a cat lady”. Not many differences with her on-screen character, are there?

Kelly Kapoor (Mindy Kaling)

Most of us remember Kelly Kapoor as this narcissistic woman who talked a lot but did you know Mindy Kaling was the only lady to be on the eight-person writing team for The Office? During her 8 seasons on the show, she wrote about 26 episodes (more than any other writer).

So yes, she could have made her character come out as the eloquent customer service representative but she made it all about the show and not her. The famous Dundies episode was also written by her!

She left The Office to star on her own show, The Mindy Project, which went on to have 7 seasons before it ended in 2017. After that, she appeared in Oceans 8, Inside Out, and also the TV remake of Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Ryan Howard (B.J. Novak)

 B J Novak was also one of the writers on the show. He stepped in front of the screen as the charming temp who made his way to the top. His character peaked and then plummeted but Michael Scott still loved him the same.

Just like his character on-screen, he and Kelly Kapoor aka Mindy Kaling had a thing for one another. They were on-again-off-again for quite some time. He said “We were never really dating, we were never really not dating,” and added that “All you’d know for sure was that you’d always find one of us next to the other, even if we weren’t getting along.”

He wrote about 15 episodes for the show including “Diversity Day” and “Local Ad”. After the show, he came out with a collection of short stories called One More Thing: Stories and Other Things and even released a movie called Vengeance.

Kevin Malone (Brian Baumgartner)

Baumgartner played the beloved role of Kevin Malone in The Office. After the show, he starred in Screaming Queens, The Goldbergs, Melissa and Joey, etc.

Most of his fans love his podcast called The Office Deep Dive With Brain Baumgartner. Cast members from the show regularly feature on the podcast. He also does cameo videos for his fans where they pay to get personal video shoutouts from him.

He recently did a video with a famous TikTok chef where both of them recreated his famous chili recipe.

Oscar Martinez (Oscar Nuñes)

The Cuban-American actor is most famously known for his no-nonsense character Oscar Martinez from The Office.

The 64-year-old actor mentioned his work in his Instagram bio and wrote “Yes, it’s me, the guy from THE OFFICE, THE PROPOSAL, RENO 911, PEOPLE OF EARTH, and MR. IGLESIAS.”

He often shares posts supporting charities and NGOs. Other than his acting and philanthropic work, he maintains a low-key profile.

Stanley Hudson (Leslie David Baker)

A lot of people resonated with Stanley who only went to the office to do his work and was never interested in any of the shenanigans that kept happening. Even though his character was shown as serious and broody, he had his moments and the fans loved it every time he got in front of the camera.

After playing the serious guy on The Office, he changed it up and played the upbeat character on Puppy Dog Pals. He also does the voice for animal Frank and Rufus.

Like Baumgartner from the show, he also does cameo videos where fans pay him to get personalized shout-outs.

Erin Hannon (Ellie Kemper)

Do any of you remember that Erin’s first name on the show was actually Kelly? But the other Kelly kept responding to the hot boss Charles Miner (Idris Alba) every time he called his assistant, so he changed the new Kelly’s name to her middle name, Erin.

Kemper is a lot like her on-screen character, always cheerful and happy. She is now the mother of two and even starred in her Netflix show called Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Roy Anderson (David Denman)

Remember Pam Beesly’s first fiancé who wanted to get back together with her? Yes, that adorable man-child was David Denman. Although his character died out over the seasons as Pam Beesly moved on with Jim Halpert, he was still a memorable character.

After unintentionally uniting Jim and Pam in The Office, he went on to act as Frank Sheehan in the HBO Limited Series called Mare of Eastwood.

Creed Bratton (Creed Bratton)

Did you know that Creed Bratton’s real name is Creed Bratton? Remember that episode where Creed Bratton said that he passes off all his debt to William Charles Schnieder? Well, that is his real name, until he changed it to Creed Bratton!

After working in The Office as this mysterious guy, he went on to focus on his music and toured all over the US and the UK. In 2020, he released an album called Slightly Altered. How fit is that for the on-screen Creed Bratton!?

Phyllis Vance (Phyllis Smith)

Phyllis was the second person on the show whose character was also her real name. She played the memorable role of the older salesperson woman on the show. Her interest in gossip and discussion of her love life with Vance from Vance Refrigeration was a memorable part of the show.

She went on to become a part of the acclaimed Pixar movie called Inside Out where she voiced Sadness. Recently, she has been playing a recurring role in Netflix’s OA.

Meredith Palmer (Kate Flannery)

The provocative and straightforward Meredith Palmer’s character is ingrained in all of our brains. Although she had short appearances on the show, they were surely something that you would remember!

Once the show ended, she went on make a lot of guest appearances in television series. She even appeared on the popular Young Sheldon recently. Apart from that, she has also lent her voice to several video games.

Darryl Philbin (Craig Robinson)

Darryl Philbin’s character saw some real character growth on the show. He got promoted from the warehouse to the office and continued to do well.

His time on the show helped him step up his stardom. Robinson collaborated with the great Seth Rogan and even went on star in famous comedies like Hot Tub Time Machine, Knocked Up, Pineapple Express, etc.

He is also famous for his recurring role on the famous Brooklyn Nine-Nine where he played the role of a thief. He even got his own sitcom called Mr. Robinson’s, which aired on NBC for over 6 episodes.

Toby Flenderson (Paul Lieberstein)

Michael Scott’s public hatred for Toby from HR made his character so much more hilarious as he gave no response to Scott’s antics.

Did you know why Michael Scott hated Toby so much? Toby was supposed to make the office ‘fun’ but he did the opposite of that and often stopped Scott from doing things, that’s why! But in a video, Lieberstein said that Steve Carell said that his character developed a hatred for Toby when he was signing a birthday card in one of the earlier episodes.

Apart from being the HR manager on the show, he also served as a writer, director, executive producer, and even showrunner throughout the show? The real-life Toby’s life was much more happening than the reel-life ones.

After the show concluded, he continued to work behind the camera as an executive producer for The Newsroom and Ghosted.

Jan Levinson Gould (Melora Hardin)

Jan Levinson’s character on the show had more ups and downs than a rollercoaster. After being Michael Scott’s girlfriend she appeared as his ex-girlfriend with a baby too. After the show, she went on to reach the semi-finals of Dancing With The Stars in 2021.

After that, she starred in an original Hallmark movie and also appeared in Million Little Things.

Karen Filippelli (Rashida Jones)

She was introduced as the sales member on the Stamford branch of Dunder Mifflin after Jim got transferred there. The two of them began dating and things got complicated when the Scranton branch absorbed the Stamford branch.

While her on-screen character is often villainized for coming in between Pam and Jim, she did nothing wrong really. The guy she liked loved someone else.

After her stint on the show and appearance in some episodes, she went on to star in the NBC comedy series called Parks and Recreation Her documentary about her father Quincy Jones also won the Grammy award for Best Music Film in 2019.

The Best Office

Many actors from the show went on to have successful careers but perhaps what made the show so real was that a lot of them were still in the early stages of their career and therefore were more laid back and real on the show.

Although it is often touted to be ‘unrealistic’ and ‘too much’ by some non-fans of the show, that is what sets the show apart. The flawless acting by Steve Carell makes his antics so much more believable.

The love story of Jim and Pam and how they were meant to be together is what attracted a lot of people to the show but the other characters also had a massive fan following and continue to have that even now.

What made it more interesting was how so many of the actors were also involved in the writing process and how that helped them come up with better scenarios and dialogues.

The show, which was originally created in the UK went on to be made in several countries but the American version is perhaps the most popular one to this day. That is perhaps why even successful actors like Krasinski get stopped by fans because he gets recognized as Jim so often.



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