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Where is 1883 Filmed? Yellowstone Prequel Filming Locations Explored

1883, a prequel to Yellowstone, is doing quite well. If you’ve been wondering where the show was filmed, here’s everything we know. The show is amazing right? Did you start watching it?

The plot features the Dutton family as they escape poverty in Texas and travel across the Great Plains in search of a better lifestyle in Montana.

Real-life couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill portray James and Margaret Dutton, respectively, while Sam Elliott represents Shea Brennan, a fierce cowboy with a tragic past. Isabel May, LaMonica Garrett, and Dawn Olivieri are among the other cast members.

Billy Bob Thornton features as a guest star, while Tom Hanks made a brief appearance in a Civil War flashback scene.

Where Was ‘1833’ Filmed?

With threat waiting around every corner, the Dutton family and their associates must contend with inclement climate, a dearth of medical technology, robbers, and all else the Wild West has to throw. Now the viewers of the show are pretty interested in knowing where ‘1883’ was filmed.

The first season of ‘1883’ began principal photography in late August 2021. The series is mostly situated in the Western United States, with distinct backgrounds from multiple states.

The show is likewise primarily set in Texas. As stated in the show’s description, several scenes were shot in Montana.

Something about the shooting location was also mentioned.

“We were in Montana, and it was probably the coldest day,” LaMonica recalls. “Me, Sam [Elliott], and Tim [McGraw] are on our horses on top of the hill and there was a gunfight that was about to start and the wind was howling, like it was just … things were being thrown around, cameras tipping over.”

According to the actor, shooting in Montana’s subfreezing temperatures on that historic day “just made everything so miserable.”

Park County, Montana

You may be aware that the show was filmed in numerous locations throughout Texas, but a substantial amount of the first season was shot in Montana’s Park County, which is incredibly close to the Yellowstone National Park.

Other Places

Filming also takes place in Livingston, Clyde Park, and Paradise Valley, a valley on the banks of the Yellowstone River.

The neighborhood around West Exchange Avenue and North Houston Street in Fort Worth was converted into a gigantic Old West town setting for the Hell’s Half Acre, according to Dallas local news station WFAA.

Some structures were virtually placed into the image, such as the historic Hood County Courthouse in Granbury, which was artificially added into the distance of Fort Worth’s main thoroughfare.

Forth Worth As The Headquarters

Fort Worth was selected as the production’s headquarters since it was once the key hub for the cattle industry. Fort Worth was one of the first places visited by the show’s cast members for season 1 shooting.

Here’s something interesting, the historic railway scenes were shot on the Texas State Railroad connecting Palestine and Rusk.

6666 Ranch

The filming of ‘1883’ takes place at the famous ‘6666’ Ranch in King’s County. You all know 6666 right? Another spin-off show. Watch the picture of the famous 6666 Rank below.

Granbury, a city in Hood County, Texas, is one of the show’s filming locations as well.

The show, on the other hand, is still going on. So you can catch-up on it as soon you want to. If you have any concerns about the show ‘1883,’ you can leave them in the comments area below. We will be in touch.

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    • True life happens, cuss words and all. It would be truly fake presentation if everything about these times was PC. Do you REALLY believe they didn’t use such words back then?
      Sorry but that’s no different than today’s vocabulary. Not saying it’s okay but it is real.

  1. I love it. Cannt get enough. It’s about time westerns came back to tv in full force.
    Yellowstone is awesome and now 1883 wow.
    You said 6666s were a spin off. I know its on the Yellowstone. Is it coming on a showtime of its own?

  2. I’ve volunteered at a Heritage Ranch for some 20 years, and find the stories, costuming and props to be fairly authentic. I am most impressed with avoiding the less glamorous, Hollywood style Western. I would however have let some of the equipment, wagons, buildings be ‘newly’ built, not looking like it was already 140 years old. Some of the first families settling in our area arrived in 1883, but came by train, so I am even more impressed by the sever, and ongoing hardships endured by those who chose the wagon train route.


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