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Where and How to Watch The West Side Story?

I can read your mind! You are here to figure out how to watch West Side Story? See, told you. Let’s get you sorted.

West Side Story is in the talk for so many reasons. The critics are high and Steven Spielberg’s remake is on the go for so many reasons. For many, it comes as a burning question whether the movie will stream on streaming service?

How about we find answers, together?

The timeless, spell-binding classic movie is returning and we can’t thank Speilberg enough. The original classic was released in 1961 and it broke records and grounds for the same reasons.

Moreover, the director is making sure to offer the best to the audience with his immense classical features, for example, E.T, Ryan, Ready Player One, and much more.

However this time, things will be slightly different and especially after you finish watching The Timeless Classic, The West Side Story. 

West Side Story – Where can we Watch?

The Spielberg version of the movie is a must-watch during the Holiday season. Trust me, it’s gonna be an epic watch.

Coming straight to the point.

the west side story

Violence, Romance, Racism, Music; that’s The West Side Story for you!

The new version of the movie reaches out in December, and here come all the details surrounding The West Side Story.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus – Where to watch it?

Sorry to break it out to you!

The West Side Story won’t be available to stream online. However, you can buy them on rent. The platforms where you can rent the movie include, Vudu, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Google Play, and Apple TV.

The movie will be exclusively available to watch in theatres from December 10th, 2021.

The tickets are currently available online for you to buy and enjoy.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy the trailer below.

Sadly, for quite some time, the movie will not be available to stream and I am more than sorry for that.

It could, however, be available to watch on Disney+ or HBO Max after its targeted release window is covered. This is primarily because 20th Century Studios serves as a subsidiary to Disney.

the west side story

Disney’s agreement with WarnerMedia explains that all releases of 2022 will be split equally on the channel. This is one reason why The classic tattletale doesn’t have a home yet. So, we are not sure where it will drop but we are certain that it’s dropping soon enough.

Does that make you feel any better?

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