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What is R Kelly’s Net Worth as he gets Sentenced to 30-years in Prison?

Infamous singer-songwriter R Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison on 29th June 2022. Before the scandalous life of the singer came to public light, he had made a fortune worth millions through his career in music. Read on to know the net worth and income of the notorious celebrity.

R Kelly’s Net Worth

As per the website Celebrity Net Worth, currently, R Kelly’s net worth is negative $2 million. Out of which, he owes $1.9 million to the IRS. But such was not the case always. His net worth has drastically gone down over the years. Experts estimate that at the peak of his career, Kelly had a net worth of $100 million.

If he had not gotten himself into legal troubles, his net worth would still have been at least $50 million. The 55-year-old apparently spent millions on dollars to settle lawsuits with dozens of women who had come out to share their stories of abuse by him.

Kelly reportedly also lost a huge fortune during his divorce from ex-wife Andrea Lee in 2009. He had to pay a large sum for the divorce settlement. In 2013, he lost his Chicago home because he had not paid the mortgage for the last three years

Then in 2018, the three-time Grammy award winner had to vacate his two homes in Atlanta after not being able to pay back rent and fees amounting to more than $30,000. In recent years, reports claimed that Kelly was living in a rented apartment in Trump Tower, Chicago.

Kelly’s Life Before Stardom

R Kelly was born Robert Sylvester Kelly in Chicago on January 8th, 1967. Joanne Kelly, his mother, was a schoolteacher and devoted Baptist. Kelly’s father’s identity, who was missing from his life, remains unknown. His family resided in Chicago’s Bronzeville area, in the Ida B. Wells Homes public housing complex. 

He has an elder half-sister and half-brother, as well as a younger half-brother. When he was five years old, his mother married his stepfather, Lucious, who supposedly worked for an airline. Kelly began singing in the church choir when he was eight years old.

He started performing on the streets of Chicago after entering Kenwood Academy and performing a Stevie Wonder song. In 1989, he and his friends founded the ensemble MGM: Musically Gifted Men. In 1990, their debut song Why You Wanna Play With Me was recorded and published.

In 1991, Kelly won the television talent show, Big Break and took home a prize of $100,000. He also got to sign a contract with Jive Records that kickstarted his singing career. In 1995, he went on to sell four million copies after his single I Believe I can Fly topped the music charts.

The Downfall

Over the years, multiple charges of sexual assault and trafficking have been pressed against the singer, leading to his downfall. Many of his victims spoke about his cruelties in the 2019 documentary Surviving R. Kelly.

There are also videos of him showing him accepting his crimes. After all the allegations and charges, the court finally sentenced him to 30 years in prison. All these legal problems, controversies, and sentencing have degraded the singer’s net worth to a great extent.



  1. Shame shame shame I don’t condone what R Kelly did and he should be held accountable for his actions. I think he needs professional counseling. How dare racist people sentence him to 30 years which a double murder doesn’t receive that type of sentence. Kyle Rittenhouse walked away from killing 2 innocent people for no reason whatsoever. It’s so sad how certain race of people have no consequences for their actions and others especially African Americans receive a death sentence. Now let’s see what happens to Donald Trump👌🏾

    • Are you seriously that ignorant? He destroyed how many women? And Kyle Rittenhouse was defending his own life.. it’s people like you that want to turn this into a racial issue that cause racism you should be ashamed of YOURSELF☆

    • Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted. Trump has never been charged with a crime. R kelly is a convicted child rapist. But go ahead and spin it lol

  2. Racism has nothing to do with it you do the crime you do the time he has literally had an entire life of mistreating women and sex trafficking and that has finally caught up to him sounds like a personal problem as far as Kyle Renton house goes where is the racism there considering a single black person was not shot and killed it was white people and because of the beating that was plainly showed and documented and the reason why he got off was because of there was no racism there and it was blatantly showed how he was attacked and provoked and self-defended himself and in turn has lawsuits against countless people from NBA stars to government officials after defamation of character saying that it was racially motivated attack when one it wasn’t too there wasn’t a black person involved this just goes to show that ignorance and stupidity of this world once somebody has racism in and on their mind they run with it and this story blatantly shows that or better yet your comments do and I already know you’re going to take offense to this but frankly my give a damn broke so sick and tired of ignorance and stupidity in this country it’s unbelievable


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