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What Happened to SZA? Singer Arrive at the 2022 Grammys on Crutches

Solána Imani Rowe, who goes by the stage name SZA revealed won her first-ever Grammy Award yesterday, of course on crutches. The American singer and songwriter revealed her leg injury after a video of her walking without them got viral today. Read on to know what happened to SZA.

SZA on Crutches

The 64th Grammy Awards was all about glamour. The star-studded ceremony happened in Las Vegas and SZA took home the prestigious award for  “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance”.

The “Good Days” artist received the award for her collaboration with Doja Cat for “Kiss Me More”. However, she arrived at the ceremony on crutches. SZA revealed that she sustained a leg injury while getting out of bed.

She said, “It’s very funny because I fell out of bed right before it was time to leave and get ready for this. Like the day before… but that’s the way it goes. Everything awesome in my life has always come with something like very random, but it adds to the energy.”

SZA used a wheelchair to arrive at the gala evening. However, she was looking stunning in her pastel gown. Interestingly, Lady Gaga acted as the hero of the night as she helped SZA climb up the stage by bundling up her gown so she wouldn’t trip.

Lil NasX also became her “personal caretaker” as he drove the star in a wheelchair to the Grammys. However, the 32-year old star posed on the red carpet without crutches in high heels and fans were wondering if her injury was real or not. They also questioned her for wearing heels.

SZA’s Achievements


Throughout her career, SZA has earned a Golden Globe and an Academy Award nomination. The “All the Stars” singer earned one American Music Award and one Billboard Music Award. She also won two MTV Video Music Awards, and two BET Awards, including Best New Artist in 2018.

In the same year, SZA also received the “Rulebreaker Award at the Billboard Women in Music Awards. She has also won the Soul Train Music Award. She is known for her unique jazz style.

Truth be told…

Well, as per SZA’s version, her injury seems real and she did get herself in a random bed-falling situation. I have a question for SZA at the moment. How high is your bed that you had to use crutches to arrive at the Grammys? I mean that defies logic. What do you think about SZA’s injury? Was it real or a hoax?

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