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What Happened to Rolling Ray? Rapper Makes a Comeback on Social Media

Aw Bye singer Rolling Ray makes quite an entrance on social media after a four-month hiatus with a sassy video. He was last seen on Instagram in January when he made a post about testing positive for Covid-19.


Rolling returns back on social media

The musician took to his Instagram handle to share an update on his life with his fans all across the world. He posted a video on the social media platform. In the video, he can be seen in a wheelchair.

“Was inna coma for uh while, But I’m finally back! Stop the death rumors,! It don’t give dead. Thank you everyone for wishing me well while away & not giving up on me, Thank u to my family, friends, & celebrity friends for wishing me well during this troubling time”, he captioned the post.

Rolling also thanked the staff of the Washington hospital and said, “I needed to heal after that long coma. But most importantly thank you to the staff at Washington hospital center for taking wonderful care of me!”

In the video, the pop star can be seen rocking his new hair and shutting down all the death rumors that have been spiraling in the air.

Rolling got Covid in January 2022

The rapper tested positive for Covid-19 at the start of 2022. He shared an update with his fans on his Instagram as well. He was admitted into MedStar Washington Hospital Center.

“COVID Almost took me out, I gotta stay for 2 Weeks’ my immune system isn’t strong enough to fight it by myself. I tried 🥺. If I missed your phone calls, DM’s I’ll respond when time heals me but it’s not looking too good” he wrote in a post on Instagram.

Ray shared a video of himself in a hospital gown on Instagram when he was battling with Covid-19. He also posted a snap of time when he got to know that he had Covid.

How did the fans react to the news?

As soon as the news broke, the fans started expressing their views on it on the social media platform Twitter. One user tweeted, “Rolling ray ain’t dead , he just came back from the dead to tell y’all that y’all still not that girl. 😬” Another user wrote, “I gotta be the only person who do not care about Rolling Ray.. Happy he good tho.”

Another huge fan of the star, “Rolling Ray came out a coma talking bout “it’s not giving dead” ion know it was giving dead for a lil bit there buddy.” One user wrote, “Rolling Ray said…AS YOU CAN SEE”

One person tweeted, “So am I the only one that thinks everything that keeps happening to Rolling Ray spiritual warfare… he was in a coma, got burned up, got hit by a car, and was hospitalized due to Covid in the span of 3 years.”

These were a few reactions of the fans to the return of the rock star to social media. Don’t forget to stay connected with us for more updates from the world of showbiz.

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