Kanwer Singh, more commonly known as Humble the Poet, is a powerful influencer who has international reach. Humble is a wordsmith who uses his talents to lift people up and spread life lessons.

So, what does that mean? What does Humble actually do?

A multi-talented star, Humble is a YouTuber, MC, rapper, songwriter, a spoken word poet, a published author, and a former elementary school teacher.

He began his YouTube career around 2009 with funny videos starring his friend Harman aka Harman the Hater. Episodes of Harman the Hater led to lyrical videos of his music, and then to full-on music videos. He released remixes rapping over popular songs, diss tracks, freestyle raps and more. He collaborated often with Sikh Knowledge, Baagi and Keith Rice aka King! in his music. He became the voice of the young desi generation with his music, like the mixtape “The Poetry Project” and his website Brwnppl.com, the latter which, sadly, is no longer active. Though we have huge South Asian social media stars now, Humble was one of the few who started the game.

As time passed, Humble started vlogging more often and introducing his popular friends like JusReign and Ak Amazing. Lilly Singh, aka Superwoman, was new to the YouTube platform at that time and she reached out to him in 2011 to collaborate. Their friendship took off from there as they worked together on numerous projects including the songs “Leh” and “Moorni (remix).” Singh has directed the music video for “Fake Love (remix)” and she starred in the music video for “H.A.I.R.” his latest EP titled “Righteous/Ratchet.”

You’ll find them in each other’s vlogs and sketches all the time. Though very close, Humble and Singh emphasize that their relationship is platonic, not romantic. Humble often jokingly refers to Singh as his “son.”

YouTube and music career aside, this son of a cabbie is a certified elementary school teacher. He also has his own line of clothing and is a published author, his book UnLearn: 101 Truths for a Better Life is filled with nuggets of wisdom to help you navigate the turbulence of life. In case you needed some more help, Humble released a second volume in 2015 titled UnLearn Beneath the Surface: 101 Honest Truths to Take Life Deeper.

Humble has gained nationwide recognition for his literary work. He has been a guest judge in poetry contests like the CBC Poetry Prize and he was one of the champions of Canada Reads, a battle of the books where celebrities defend books in a “Survivor”-like contest to have their book become the must-read book of the year.

A truly enlightened soul, he uses his music, books, and poetry to help others see the silver lining and to learn from their mistakes. Oh wait, you haven’t read his books? Listened to his music? Or even watched his vlogs?

No problem.

Just following Humble on social media is enough to light your life because this writer is the walking #MotivationMonday quote you need. He reminds his followers that they aren’t alone in their struggles. If you ever need motivation, inspiration, or just a spark of hope, following Humble on social media will surely brighten your outlook on life.




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