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What Can We Expect From Season 4 Volume 2 of Stranger Things?

We have no idea what will happen in Stranger Things Volume 2, but we can make logical guesses, right?

We can’t believe what we just saw. Volume 1 was packed with suspense, terror, joy, despair, and, most importantly, tons of revelations.

With that in mind, we thought we’d take a look at what’s out there for volume 2. And offer our theories and predictions for what we think will happen. So, let’s get started.

Here are all of our guesses or predictions for volume 2, and just a heads up: it contains spoilers, so continue reading at your own risk.

Eleven Will Break Free From Hawkins’ Lab And Enter The Upside Down

After eleven discovered the truth that One is actually Henry Creel, and the battle they both had in the season 4 finale, we know that eleven has regained her powers. And do you understand what that means?

Our Eleven will confront the Vecna once more in order to save Hawkins. But wait, what if something bad happens to her? What if she dies or something? We swear we are going to be devastated. But we don’t think that will happen. Because there’s still one more season on the way.

The Gang Will Reunite Again

As we all know, the group always comes back together at the end of each season. As it begins, each duo solves different mysteries, and from being a duo, they grow into a full group and were reunited.

This time it could happen in the same way that when someone is in danger from the gang, their friends will come to their aid.

Saving Nancy Through Eddie’s Guitar

In the case of Nancy, who is essentially trapped in her living nightmare and has no music to listen to in order to return to reality, we believe Eddie would pick up his guitar and play some music to enable her to make her way out.

We saw a clip of him playing his guitar in the show’s trailer. And we know they’re now in Eddie’s house so it’s possible that’s the only way Nancy can get out.

Nancy will also be able to connect the dots with Eleven. And inform the entire group now that she knows Vecna’s true identity and that it is in fact, Henry Creel.

Vecna Could Infiltrate Hooper’s Mind

We saw Hopper give a monologue about his daughter’s death and how he felt guilty about it, and we believe we’ll see him, Joyce, and Murray escape out of prison and return to Hawkins, where Vecna might exploit Hopper’s guilt in the finale.

Hopper is quite concerned about eleven. And we have a sneaky feeling that Hopper would sacrifice his life in order to save Eleven. When she is forced to travel the upside down and fight Vecna in order to save Hawkins. It would undoubtedly be a very emotional moment.

Strategy To Kill Vecna

We don’t know what Vecna’s weakness is yet, but we do know that the more people he claims, the more powerful he becomes. He stalks his prey like a predator, using the exact things he despises against them, and then finally claiming them.

The Creel house is going to be very important. He sits in the attic where he kept his black widow spiders when he was younger, a creature he holds in such high regard.

We know that fire causes Demogorgon to flee, so perhaps Vecna is afraid of fire as well. However, we believe that the only way Vecna can be destroyed is through eleven and the newfound powers she possesses. She’ll have to enter Vecna’s mind and exploit any guilt he has, if any, to her advantage.

We believe it will be an explosive finale. And we know one thing, probably this season will also conclude on a cliffhanger.

We can’t wait to see the group reunite and fight the Battle of Hawkins in order to save the town once again. What do you expect from volume 2? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below.

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