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Waiting For Money Heist Season 5? Watch These 5 Series Now

If you’re a fan of Money Heist, you should know that there will be a season 5 of it. Part 1 of the fifth season will premiere on September 3, 2021, with the second half of the season following three months later, on December 3, 2021. Well, September feels a long way away right now, if you’re waiting for a show’s season. Well, for friendly information La Casa De Papel is a story of, a criminal mastermind known as “The Professor” who has devised a scheme to pull off the largest heist in human history. To assist him in carrying out the ambitious plan, he attracts eight people with specific skills and nothing to risk losing.

This is a Spanish show that also goes by the name La Casa De Papel. While you wait for Money Heist Season 5, you could watch alternative shows. These series are also well-known and have interesting plotlines, such as the money heist.

5 Best Series Like Money Heist

So, let us begin by helping you wait, for the 5th season of Money Heist. With these 5 greatest shows that are as entertaining as Money Heist, the September won’t seem far.

1. Prison Break (2005-2017)

Well, if you’re looking for a series similar to a money heist, Prison Break is a must-see. Prison Break has 5 seasons and is available on, Hulu, Disney Premium, and other platforms. It’s a well-known show that many people enjoy. The plot involves an engineer who joins a prison he developed and which is difficult to break into in order to free his brother, who has been wrongfully convicted of killing and foreheads the death penalty. He plots and plans everything and is extremely intelligent. Many viewers all over the world have enjoyed the show. This show’s intriguing plotline has piqued the viewer’s interest. If you haven’t seen this show yet, you should.

2. Ozark (2017-Present)

Ozark, which was released in 2017, is another great series that you might cherish. This is the story of a financial planner who splits up his family from Chicago to an Ozarks summer resort society. He owes a large sum of money to a Mexican gang leader and is compelled to restructure his relationship with his wife and children. While the Byrdes’ destiny is in doubt, the tragic conditions pressure the estranged family to reunite. This crime drama series is well-known, and a new season will be released in 2021, and it’s basically the last season.

3. Lupin (2021)

This French heist storyline on Netflix is an international sensation, comparable to Money Heist. It’s basically a thriller & mystery genre. The traditional French story of Arsène Lupin, the world-famous gentleman thief and genius of the cloak, is retold. The series currently has two seasons and is a must-see. The TV series, like Money Heist, showcases heists but is retained together by strong relationships. If you enjoy Money Heist (La Casa De Papel), Lupin is a great film to watch.

4. Breaking Bad (2008-2013)

If you’ve seen Money Heist, you’re probably aware that the professor in the series keeps his personal identity hidden. Breaking Bad is the best option for you. Walter White also conceals his identity. He’s a chemistry teacher who finds he has a tumor (Lung Cancer) and immediately starts a meth lab to charge off his medical expenses and take care of his family. When he joins forces with Jesse who’s his partner, his expectations shift. The series has many twists and turns and is a must-see show.

5. Peaky Blinders (2013-Present)

Aside from money heists, another great show to watch is the well-known Peaky Blinders. It’s the story of Tommy Shelby, a powerful individual who leads the Peaky Blinders, a Birmingham-based crime syndicate. Soon after, Chester Campbell, an investigator, makes the decision to apprehend him and put a stop to his illegal activities. Peaky Blinders is a slow but classic show if that’s your thing.

So, these are the top 5 Series that you can watch and enjoy while waiting for the 5th Season. It’s finally time to wrap up this incredible series. These shows are extremely popular and primarily focus on the thriller and crime genres. If you know of any shows similar to Money Heist that you enjoyed, please let us know.

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