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Virgin River Season 5 Release Date: Production Has Been Pushed Back

In the meantime, while you wait for Season 4, here are some Season 5 highlights.

If you didn’t already know, ‘Virgin River’ was renewed for seasons 4 and 5 a long time ago. The renewal confirmation was made after the premiere of season 3 of the show. So, while we wait for Netflix to release Season 4, let us bring up some updates about Season 5.

The announcement that Season 5 of Virgin River is going to come was very exciting, and fans were overjoyed. Season 4 shooting was already well advanced at the time of the announcement, but not season 5.

However, something unexpected has recently come to light concerning the season 5 production updates. We also have official confirmation of the update.

Production Of Virgin River Season 5 Has Been Delayed

So now you know what we’ll be talking about today. Season 5 of Virgin River production has been postponed. Yes, we understand that this is one of the most upsetting bits of news. Season 5 was supposed to begin in March 2022, but it has already been delayed indefinitely.

Alexandra Breckenridge took the time to provide some season 5 insights. Breckenridge did not reveal the highly anticipated Virgin River season 4 release date, but she did share some information about what is happening with season five.

Alexandra Breckenridge Gave An Insight Regarding The Delay Of Season 5

Alexandra Breckenridge, who portrays Mel Monroe in the show, answered numerous questions about the event in an Instagram Streaming. She also mentioned that the production of Season 5 has been pushed back.

However, the date it was moved back was not specified. But we do know that it has been postponed.

She went on to explain, “We were supposed to start [filming] in March, but it was pushed so… I don’t know. I don’t know man.”

She also anticipated when the production would resume.

“I’m hoping that maybe we’ll start in the summer. It would be nice to film in Vancouver in the summer rather than the winter. To be quite frank with you guys, I’m pretty done filming in Vancouver in the winter. Not really interested in doing that ever again, actually.”

Alexandra then went on to talk about the weather.

“It’s really cold. And when you’re standing outside in sandals, and little outfits because it’s supposed to be the middle of summer… not awesome!”

Little Comfort Regarding Season 4

We understand how disheartened you are that shooting for Season 5 has been delayed. To give you some comfort, Jack Sheridan’s portrayer Martin Henderson revealed how the post-production phase on the fresh batch of season four episodes was proceeding well.

He wrote, “Doing a little post-production work on #virginriver season 4. Making sure it’s all smooth and satisfying for the best fans EVER! Y’all have a lovely weekend wherever you find yourselves.”

Season Four’s filming has also concluded. And, perhaps, the release date will be announced soon.

The plot of Virgin Rivers centers around a nurse practitioner who travels from Los Angeles to a remote Northern California hamlet and is startled by what – and who – she discovers.

Netflix has all three seasons of the show available to watch. We will keep our readers updated when new knowledge regarding Seasons 4 and 5 becomes available.

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