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Virgin River Season 4 Release Date and Latest Updates

Summer of 2021 and Virgin River, is the best combination there is! 

Well obviously, for fans, this has been a longer wait than ever, and now that Virgin River 4 was set to return in September, but there is gonna be a slight delay whatsoever.

The question now is, how much delay is too much delay?

Virgin River Season 4

Going by Netflix, there hasn’t been an official announcement yet that Virgin River is gonna see a renewal for Season 4. This could probably be because the last soon season of the show saw a premiere not long ago!

But there are some loopholes and stories leaking out of those holes.

According to the reports, the cast and crew members of Virgin River Season 4 are already in the initial stage of shooting. This has been going on since August.

Wait up! This means, the Virgin River S4 is definitely coming but Netflix has decided not to talk about it? What a tease, Netflix.

Virgin River Season 4 Release Date- Up the Sleeves!

Well, I KNOW what you are thinking and I completely echo what you have in mind.

The official word from the show isn’t out yet but certainly, it’s not gonna be 2021 and that’s the story for sure.

Back in August 2020 saw the start of Virgin River Season 3 and this year, July 2021 is when the show made it to Netflix.

Virgin River Season 4

If we are right about the reports that are circulating, then it’s just by the end of November when the shooting ends. Therefore, ideally, it is best to expect the show when spring strikes. It is just a possibility, honestly speaking.

Figuratively speaking, from June to August 2022 could be the possible timeline of the show. Anyway, something is better than something and given the history of Netflix.

Also, since the TUDUM event is now in place, Virgin River is not going to make it. The event is happening in September 2021 and the date we are expecting to hear anything about the show is September 2021.

Let’s wait for the possibilities to be on their way until there’s a word that helps.

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  1. As much as I love Virgin River, I’ll be glad when the series ends, because it takes so long to get from season to season.

    • It’s also now running too many separate bad happening story lines at once so it separates the characters too much. Think the writers are going to destroy the whole feel of the show if they haven’t already. Similar to how the Lost series writers did.

  2. I love the Virgin River shows ! I do not mind waiting between seasons . To me, it is well worth waiting for ! I am looking forward to when the Seasons of Virgin River to become available for sale in the stores ! Please let me know when the Seasons of Virgin River are for purchase in the stores . Thank You !

  3. I agree. It’s that way with all the series though. By the time you come back around you have to re-watch the first one.

  4. I love Virgin River. Such a simple life style. Honest, considerate, and great community and neighbors. There are so many interesting plot lines…I love that. The only disappointment…Mel being pregnant. Could do with her husband’s sports being saved. That Jack with the dimple is so kind, loving, and sincere. Love the show. Hurry, hurry return! Can’t wait.

  5. Cant wait for season 4.this is the best show ever.and I’m 70 years old.i like all the actors,some I’ve seen for years.this is xss axwonderful show.keep making them.brenda

  6. Love love love this show!! Cannot wait for Season 4. My daughter and I both watch it. All the characters are awesome!!!! Go Netflix!!! Barb

  7. I love Virgin River I hope it keeps going.Can’t wait to see who the father is of Mel’s baby.And also curious if Jack is actually the father of Charmaine’s babies.

  8. The Vigin River series has been fantastic. A fitting view in the absence of Outlander. COVID has just made every series lose continuation. Big gaps make me look for other shows to watch. Hope for more of the same and resolutions to some of these seriously tragic plot lines.

  9. Honestly the show plot lines are very predictable. I usually know what’s to happen in most plot lines, which to me makes it seem like a bad soap opera w/a lot of boring drama w/many of the characters falling in love quickly. & Jack… we’ll… good grief-grow up. Waiting for season 4…? The writing is in the wall, use your imagination to see the upcoming plot. I wonder if the writers for this show also write for “This is Us”? Seems very similar in plots

    • This series is based off of Virgin River series of 19 books I believe, written years ago. I read them all and yes somewhat predictable but very entertaining. The author, Robyn Carr, creates great characters. Take it for what it is, non-political, light entertainment. We need more of this.

  10. If you like virgin river you should absolutely read the books by Robyn Carr where the show is based from. The books are so much better and it’s a shame Netflix didn’t stick more to the original story line.

  11. I wish you stuck with the books. I finished all 21 books and I loved them all because you got to really get to know the characters and the town. I watched a few episodes but stopped when Hope hide the note. The audiobooks are really good. So much more happens in the books that makes you love this series

  12. Virgin River is the best series ever..all the cast are fantastic..I watched all Series 3 in one night, I just couldn’t go to bed until the last episode, and what a last episode 😢 it’s so gripping, I can’t get enough of it..Roll on Series 4

  13. Love watching this show, love the characters and the beautiful scenery. Just started watching and am enjoying each episode. Will look forward to future shows.

  14. I’ve read all 21 Virgin River books. While the Netflix series has different plots, a lot of the characters in the books are also in the series. I really enjoy both!

  15. Love this show! My husband watches it with me and both of us can’t wait for the next episode. We binge-watched as I’d never heard of it before until a friend told me about it. Please, we need a season 4!!


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