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Virgin River Season 4 and Season 5 Confirmed: Release Date Updates

Is there a better way to kickstart your day than having something to hear about Virgin River Season 4 and Season 5?

Aren’t we up for a treat?

I know, I know, a few days back, Virgin River 4 was just a speculation and there was ”no official” word about the show’s return. But hey, finally, we have the good news this time!

Clearly, we are obsessed with the show and there’s no way we are stopping.

Virgin River Season 4 & 5

Virgin River and a warm hug, are both equivalent to each other. The show is just beautiful in so many ways and as we can say, Netflix has finally understood the practical approach and therefore, is now planning to spend ”quality time” with Virgin River.

Pack your bags and get ready because we are leaving on a boat on an extra-long trip to the Virgin River, you ready?

Virgin River Season 4 & 5 Renewal Status and Release Dates (maybe?)

Like I mentioned previously, this year, we are going to have some word about Virgin River and finally, here we are.

With a bang, you are going to be in touch with Melinda Monroe for at least, two more seasons.

The streaming platform has finally renewed the drama series and Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson will join us back.

We don’t need to mention but still, Virgin River has been an immensely popular show on Netflix. Not only did the show nail Nielson’s ranking when Season 2 was released in 2020 and Season 3 in July, but it also gathered 2.1 billion watch time.

Between you and me, Netflix likes to keep data like these confidential.

The last season, definitely left us on the brink with so many questions unanswered. However, the big question that will seek an answer for Mel in the upcoming season is about her ”marriage.”

The answer will be a tad bit complicated though.

Virgin River Season 4

Umm, because she figured out the shocking news about Jack and that might, in some way, impact her relationship.

Are we even ready for this?

Let’s face honesty. The show’s renewal is the happiest news for fans.

Apart from O’Toole, Henderson, and Breckenridge, the Virgin river also stars  Tim Matheson, Zibby Allen, Jenny Cooper, Daniel Gillies, Benjamin Hollingsworth, Colin Lawrence, and  Lauren Hammersley.

We are sure there’s more than just the renewal state. If you are looking for a release date, that could make you wait for a wee bitI promise.

However, Virgin River Season 4 and Season 5 will follow the trademark and will premiere with 10-episodes each.

Virgin River Season 4 & 5

If you haven’t watched, Virgin River, yet? YOU SIMPLY CAN’T SKIP IT. 

All three seasons are currently streaming on Netflix.

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