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Violet Evergarden Season 2: Can We Expect it?

Indubitably, Violet Evergarden is one of the most iconic coming-of-age anime. Moreover, it has a massive fanbase that roots for a Violet Evergarden Season 2. The 2018 anime was a major hit. Also, its two movies were blockbusters globally.

Although it has been over three years since the last episode of season 1 aired, the enthusiasts have always desired season 2. There have been multiple petitions and requests for next season. Thus, let’s look into all the details we got regarding Season 2.

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Everything We Know About Violet Evergarden Season 2

Since Violet found her love in the latest movie, many fans wondered how the story would follow. However, there is still a lot of content waiting to get adapted. As a matter of fact, the manga has four volumes and the 1st season has covered only two of those.

Nevertheless, the fans possess an immense love for Violet’s personality growth. Seeing her trying to learn human emotions has been an exemplary wholesome sight. Hence, the anime has major support and some adaptable content.

On the contrary, the sole hurdle which Violet Evergarden faces is its lack of promotional content. Since production houses adapt an anime to promote a running source material, Kyoto Animation may halt season 2. However, we’ve seen some exceptional anime returning for another season due to great support.

Violet Evergarden has produced a great amount of profit for the franchise. Certainly, the chances for Violet Evergarden Season 2 are high.

When Will Violet Evergarden Season 2 Air?

Since there are no announcements about the 2nd season, there’s no confirmation regarding the release date. Hopefully, we’ll be getting the second season in late 2022 or early 2023. There have been multiple rumors and speculations about the 2nd season of Violet Evergarden coming soon.

What Can Be The Plot of Violet Evergarden?

Fortunately, the first season itself hasn’t covered all the contents of the first two volumes. Apart from that, volumes 3 and 4 feature content after Violet meets Gilbert. Thus, Violet Evergarden has a lot to offer with its second season.

The first half of the show may cover the 1st two volumes wholly. On the other hand, the movies may get broken into anime episodes. Although Violet has met Gilbert, she’s still not sure of what he meant with the words “I Love You”.

The Cast That May Return For Season 2

The Japanese Cast includes:

  • Yui Ishikawa as Violet Evergarden
  • Aya Endo as Cattleya Baudelaire
  • Aya Saitō as Nerine
  • Daisuke Namikawa as Gilbert Bougainvillea
  • Haruka Tomatsu as Iris Cannary
  • Hidenobu Kiuchi as Dietfried Bougainvillea
  • Kouki Uchiyama as Benedict Bleu
  • Minori Chihara as Erica Brown
  • Rie Hikisaka as Lilian
  • Takehito Koyasu as Claudia Hodgins

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The English Cast Members include:

  • Erika Harlacher as Violet Evergarden
  • Reba Buhr as Cattleya Baudelaire
  • Johanna Luis as Nerine
  • Tony Azzolino as Gilbert Bougainvillea
  • Cherami Leigh as Iris Cannary
  • Keith Silverstein as Dietfried Bougainvillea
  • Ben Pronsky as Benedict Bleu
  • Christine Marie Cabanos as Erica Brown
  • Anne Yatco as Lilian
  • Kyle McCarley as Claudia Hodgins
Image: Animex Wallpapers

Where To Watch Violet Evergarden?

Netflix has the right to officially stream the anime globally. Hence, all the 13 episodes of the 1st season are available on Netflix. The movies- Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll and Violet Evergarden: The Movie are also available on Netflix globally.

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