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Victoria Season 4: What Do We Know So Far?

If you are a fan of Victoria, then you definitely miss the pleasing British historical era. It was so much wonderful to watch with all the casts and characters. And now everyone is waiting for the fourth season of Victoria. This article will discuss all the relevant information regarding Victoria season 4.

Victoria is a British Television Drama recounting Queen Victoria’s early life. The series covers her life from her ascension to the throne at the age of 18 until her courting and marriage with Prince Albert. Season 1 premiered in 2017 and instantly became a hit, after which ITV launched two more seasons of Victoria.

The third season of the series ended in 2019, and ever since, fans have been waiting for a fourth season. This article discusses season 4 of Victoria, including its cast, release date, fans’ reaction, plot, and all the relevant information. So here’s everything we know so far:

Release Date of Victoria Season 4

Victoria season 3 ended with so many unanswered plots. This gives us a hint that the showrunners already have season 4 in their mind. However, there is no official word concerning the release of Victoria season 4. So we cannot tell the exact release date.

Also, show creators have expressed a desire earlier that they will take a break after the third season. Therefore, all we know so far is that the release date of Victoria season 4 is not nearby.

Expected cast of Victoria Season 4

When it comes to which characters we’ll get to see in Victoria season 4, there are a few significant characters from season three, who would almost certainly appear in the next season. These characters include:

  • Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria
  • Tom Hughes as Prince Consort Albert
  • Laurence Fox as Lord Palmerston 
  • Feargus O’Connor by Ben Cartwright
  • Kate Fleetwood as Princess Feodora
  • Joseph Weld by David Burnett

The plot of Victoria season 4

We saw a lot of struggle and fierce in Season 3. We find Europe on the verge of an uprising, along with the Chartist movement reaching a peak in London, prompting Victoria to leave for her survival. 

Season 3 also ended on a massive cliffhanger, where Prince Albert falls next to Queen Victoria. And we still don’t know whether he is dead or alive. 

The fourth season is expected to be the harshest and darkest series. It is so because season 4 will most likely occur in 1852. And this period is said to be a  violent and tumultuous period in London’s history. Also, as per Daisy Goodman, a significant character will die in season 4. But it is doubtful that he would be the Prince, as history tells about his survival for the next 10 more years.

Fans’ Reaction towards Victoria Season 4

Fans of Victoria does not seem patient about the delay in season 4. We can see their reactions via Tweets:




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